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Larry’s Blog: Granite Creek And Clover Meadow

Where’s Granite Creek? Clover Meadow?

Way up past Mammoth Pool Reservoir and almost to the wilderness boundary separating Sierra National Forest from the east side of the Sierra’s Mammoth Mountain.

Granite Creek Campground

Clover Meadow Campground

Accessible from either Beasore Road or Mammoth Pool Road. Beasore Road turns into dirt above Grizzly Road and it takes a bend East. Beasore Road and Mammoth Pool Road run into each other at the turnoff for Clover Meadow and Granite Creek turnoff.

Turn left at Forest (FS) Road 5S30 (maps says 5S30 but it might be 4S60) and after a couple miles it will take you to Clover Meadow on your left. Keep to the right on FS Road 4S60 and continue for another mile or two and then turn right on FS Road 4S60A to Granite Creek Campground.

You’ll pass Clover Meadow which is on your left. Nice campground but we prefer Granite Creek.

If you decide to drive up Mammoth Pool Road, drive on by the Mammoth Pool Lake turnoff and continue until you reach FS Road 5S30, turn right and follow the directions above.

The FS dirt roads are accessible in a two-wheel drive vehicle but I would recommend at least a pickup truck or four-wheel drive SUV to get to Granite Creek. It’s not terribly rugged though it does have a few low gear spots.

But it’s worth it. Spectacular scenery and camping next to a river! Bring insect spray and all your supplies — this is the boonies and there’s no store around to stock up. Depends on the time of year and fire danger if you can build a campfire at your site.

Check with the Sierra National Forest for information. During the winter months these campgrounds are inaccessible.

You will be camping in a somewhat remote area and in nature’s yard. Do not leave food out or in a tent. There can be wildlife around, including bears! Check again with the Sierra National Forest about storing food while camping.

Our neighbors turned us on to this spot and we appreciate it.

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