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One home survives the Elk Complex in Elmore County, Idaho, 2013 because of proper defensible space and home hardening measures. (Kari Greer, USDA Forest Service)

Homeowner Assistance Available for Defensible Space

MADERA COUNTY–The Eastern Madera County Fire Safe Council (EMCFSC) is pleased to announce that they are now accepting applications for Defensible Space Assistance, chipping, and hazard tree removal. EMCFSC has resources available to assist low-income, tribal, elderly, or otherwise disadvantaged residents. Residents identified as vulnerable in Eastern Madera County (EMC) with establishing defensible space in compliance with regional code ordinances.


The goal of the program is to connect the vulnerable populations in Eastern Madera County with services. This includes high and very high severity risk zones with zero-cost defensible space work. Also hazard tree removal and assistance in building a personalized wildfire risk mitigation strategy.

How Do I Qualify?

Don’t wait to inquire. Funding will run out. To see if you and your property qualify, residents will need to fill out the inquiry form on EMCFSC’s website. To qualify, the property must be located in Eastern Madera County in a “high” or “very high” hazard severity risk zone as determined by CAL FIRE. Residents can visit Fire Hazard Severity Zones to determine their properties risk.

Potential projects will be identified by EMCFSC staff after direct contact with an applicant, by a direct referral from CAL FIRE defensible Space Inspectors, or by a referral from a local resource/agent after a defensible space inspection. EMCFSC will determine homeowner eligibility via an application and unit/site inspection process.

What Happens Next?

When a project is qualified, EMCFSC will perform a site visit to develop a treatment prescription to address hazards within the defensible space zone surrounding habitable structures. The outcome of each fuel treatment project will result in 100’ of defensible space in compliance with PRC 4291. For more information check out EMCFSC’s website.

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California Fire Safe Council’s mission is to be “California’s leader in community wildfire risk reduction and resiliency!”



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