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Hazard Tree Removal Closes Recreation Areas

BASS LAKE — Campgrounds and day use areas at Bass Lake are closed temporarily due to hazard tree removal.

Some public areas are scheduled to open by the start of the summer season, while others will apparently remain closed longer as crews working the project continue to make their way through cutting down the volume of dead trees clogging popular spaces.

A sign posted on the closed gate at Denver Church Day Use area reads, “Campgrounds and Day Use Areas are scheduled to open on or before Memorial Day Weekend,” however, for all day use locations and most campgrounds, opening dates will be in July.

Facilities currently closed to visitors for reasons of safety include the following:

Denver Church Day Use Area sign closed for hazard tree removal -- Kellie Flanagan Apr 4 2016Crane Valley Campground

Denver Church Day Use

Forks Campground

Lakeside Day Use

Little Denver Church Day Use

Pine Point Day Use

Pine Slope Day Use

Recreation Point

Rocky Point Day Use

Spring Cove Campground

Wishon Campground

Call Sierra Recreation at Bass Lake for more information (559) 642-3212 or visit the Facebook page for Bass Lake Campground and Camp Store. Cedar Bluff and Lupine Campground are currently open for reservations.

Campground reservations can be made by calling (877) 444-6777 or visiting online for the Bass Lake Recreation Complex www.recreation.gov.

A check of the Bass Lake Recreation Area on the government campground reservation website shows the following opening dates for campgrounds, which are noted online as being delayed beyond Memorial Day due to hazard tree removal.

Crane Valley Campground is closed for reservations until July 1.

Forks Campground and Recreation Point are closed for reservations until May 26.

Spring Cove Campground and Wishon Campground are closed for reservations until July 11.

The Bass Lake Complex of campgrounds and day use areas in the Sierra National Forest is located 20 miles south of Yosemite National Park, off Hwy. 41, near Oakhurst, California.

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