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Fresno Flats Newest Museum Curator

Oakhurst Area Chamber of Commerce Business Spotlight

OAKHURST — Fresno Flats Historical Village and Park is beyond excited to have Stephanie Outhier participate in our little museum, being voted in as its newest museum curator. Some great things are happening at Fresno Flats, and it is so great to be attracting such talent. Be sure to come out for our next historical lecture and meet the newest member of the team.

The landscape surrounding us has forever been altered by those that have come before us. Each day we utilize their work. As an archaeologist, Stephanie works to identify, protect, and preserve the cultural and biological material left behind by our predecessors. These resources help to teach us where we came from, who we are, and what we can become.
Stephanie has worked throughout the state of California on both prehistoric and historic archaeological sites. Several of her projects have involved helping to preserve and honor those individuals that have gone before us. As a student, Stephanie worked in the Mojave documenting sites and obtaining subsistence pattern information. This information helped provide a glimpse into prehistoric subsistence patterns and responses to environmental pressures – such as dramatic temperature changes. She has also helped document several historical habitations. Surveys in the Sierras and both the Low and High Deserts have enabled her to explore many hundreds of miles of California’s terrain.

The above-detailed projects have allowed her to work closely with multiple Native American groups. These individuals have helped her cultivate a deep understanding of the lasting importance of our cultural heritage, which is expressed through the physical remnants of our lives. These are the cultural materials that we strive to preserve as we create our future by building on our past.

Stephanie lives in Ahwahnee with her husband Matt, who is a civil engineer with the National Park Service stationed in Yosemite National Park.

Welcome aboard Stephanie!

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