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Forest Stewards Dual Sport Adventure

OAKHURST – The weekend of July 13 & 14 is the fourth annual fundraising event for the Stewards of the Sierra National Forest (SOTSNF), whose stated mission is keeping public access to the Sierra National Forest open for all to use and enjoy.

SOTSNF is hosting a membership drive, BBQ fundraiser and optional Dual Sport Adventure, and it all starts at the Elks Lodge in Oakhurst.A tax-deductible donation of $85 per person includes the BBQ on Saturday, July 13, at 6 p.m., along with a t-shirt, and a one-year membership in SOTSNF.

Organizers have also planned a raffle of swag and prizes for after the BBQ, and awards will be given out to those who have braved the Dual Sport Adventure.

SOTSNF Promotes responsible use of Sierra trails - 2013 - Photo Courtesy Larry LangleyOn Saturday and Sunday, the group has arranged an optional self-guided Dual Sport Adventure through the Sierra National Forest north of Oakhurst and the Bass Lake area starting between 7:30 and 8 a.m. each day. Roll Charts and GPS tracks will be provided to guide visitors along the scenic routes, including great back roads and trails throughout the area. Cameras are recommended.

The route is approximately 100 miles each day, featuring optional hard way splits for more experienced riders. The adventures will start and end at the Elks Lodge at the junction of Highway 41 and Road 222 just north of Oakhurst.

Saturday’s route will have food and gas available for purchase at the lunch/gas stop at the Triangle store in Jerseydale. Sunday’s route is will take a gas/lunch stop at the famous Jones store on Beasore Road.

SOTSNF Brings like-minded people together to keep public access open to Sierra trails - 2013 - Photo Courtesy Larry LangleyTo participate in the Optional Dual Sport Adventure, a bike must be street legal, able to go 75 miles on a tank of gas, and meet the USFS 96db sound level and spark arrest requirements.

SOTSNF members were voted as the 2011 Volunteer Trail Group of the Year for the Sierra National Forest, Region 5, All of California, and the USDA/USFS Nationwide.

Volunteer Larry Langley reminds interested parties that nonprofit SOTSNF potentially benefits anyone who enjoys the outdoors.

“We are volunteers and we do a lot of the maintenance on trails that the Forest Service can’t afford to do,” Langely says. “Especially after winter, there’s a lot of volunteer effort that goes into clearing trails, with trees down. We’ve got to keep the trails open or we lose them.”

SOTSNF Volunteers time clearing trails the Forest Service cannot afford to anymore - 2013 - Photo Courtesy Larry LangleyAccording to the group’s Facebook page, the mission of SOTSNF is to unite people who enjoy the diverse recreational activities available in the Sierra National Forest while promoting responsible recreation and use of forest resources through conservation and education. They strive to ensure public access to the forest now and in the future.

Registration for the weekend’s events begins on Friday night, July 12, from 6 to 9 p.m., at the Elks Lodge, where a Fish and Chips dinner will also be available for $12 per person until 8 p.m. Registration continues Saturday morning from 7 – 8:30 a.m. as guests sign-up and take to the road at their own pace. Other optional meals are available and additional diners may be included for the BBQ dinner on Saturday night.

For more information on times and accomodations visit the website SOTSNF or call David at (559) 287-3132, Larry (559) 877-4514, or Mike (831) 801-1111

SOTSNF on Facebook

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