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Date(s) - 05/01/2023 - 05/31/2023
All Day

Meadowmont Shopping Center


"Towering Monument" captures the awe-inspiring majesty of Half Dome in Yosemite
National Park. Gene Bryan’s photograph depicts the iconic granite formation in all its
grandeur, rising majestically towards the sky - standing as an inspirational towering
monument of natural wonder and beauty.

Phoebe and Gene Bryan to exhibit artwork at the Arts of Bear Valley Window

Gallery in Arnold during the month of May.

Arts of Bear Valley is proud to announce the opening of an exciting new exhibition featuring the works of local artists Phoebe and Gene Bryan. The exhibition, entitled “Whimsy in Clay and Nature”, will showcase the duo’s unique and captivating collection of ceramic sculptures and nature photography during the month of May at the Window Gallery in the Meadowmont Shopping Center in Arnold.

Phoebe Bryan’s “Sunflower House” is a whimsical and imaginative creation that invites
viewers into a world of enchantment. This fantasy house is a celebration of, texture, and
playful design.As an artist with a background in art history and psychology, Phoebe stirs an emotional response in the viewer with her work. She enjoys the freedom clay offers to create expressive and fluid structures. Whether it’s inventing a mythical creature, an imaginary building, or an abstract sculpture, her goal is to evoke a sense of wonder and curiosity in those who see her work.

Gene Bryan is holding his “Golden Meadow” photograph that perfectly captures the
beauty of the June Lake area in the fall, where the golden meadow, clear water, and
towering mountains create a stunning and awe-inspiring landscape.Gene is an artist who wears two hats – as a nature photographer and a ceramicist. While he has been doing photography for many years, ceramics is a more recent passion. His inspiration comes from nature, particularly from his time spent in the Sierras, and he strives to tell a story through his photography and express whimsy in his ceramic creations.

The Arts of Bear Valley Window Gallery is window space donated graciously by the Meadowmont Shopping Center where Arts of Bear Valley artists exhibit their work to the public. Artwork is for sale; information at the space gives instructions to purchase the artwork. Contact Phoebe or Gene Bryan at genebryan@comcast.net or their cell phone (209)768-7866 to learn more about their work and purchase directly from them. Arts of Bear Valley is a local association devoted to developing and promoting the visual arts along the Upper Highway 4 corridor in Calaveras and Alpine counties. Learn more about Arts of Bear Valley at www.aobv.org

Gene Bryan’s Sentinel Dragon sculpture exudes a commanding presence with its fierce
gaze, embodying strength, and protection as it guards its realm.

Phoebe Bryan’s ceramic sculpture depicts a rabbit lost in thought in a moment of
peaceful contemplation.Phoebe Bryan’s sculpture is a beautiful piece of art that incorporates curves and shapes
inspired by the female form, creating a striking and harmonious blend of elegance and
sensuality that draws the viewer's eye and captivates the imagination.


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