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Amatuer Radio Operator Licensing Class

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Date(s) - 02/25/2023
8:00 am - 2:30 pm

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints


My name is Bernice, My Call-sign is KN6VDH. I am a Amatuer (Ham) Radio operator and a member of the Mountain Amatuer Radio Club here in Oakhurst. We are a group of Hams that get together on the air waves, as well as in person to help each other as well as to aid our communities. There was a time was when Radio was all about dots and dashes, but no more. While we can still utilize Morse Code, we have radio rigs and antennas of all makes and sizes, including some handhelds that are not as big as you cell phone. There is also technology that allows us to transmit over the internet- hence no radio required. We Provide radio communications during emergency situations. If you ever watched the 2018 movie “How It Ends”, you may have noticed that when all power and cell phone communications were cut off, The voices still transmitting over the radios were the voices of Amatuer Radio Operators.

Every morning we have a net (operator check-in) on the 2Meters (147.180.000), at 7am. Not only are we checking in but we are practicing our skill sets and becoming worldly through the fun of trivia questions. All Licensed Amatuers are invited to participate and we have Hams from as far as San Felipe, Baja California that join in!

Now, I am writing this to invite everyone out there interested in becoming a licensed Amatuer (Ham) Radio Operator to a class that we are holding on the Last Saturday of February- 25th and the First Saturday of March- 4th; 8am; at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints (49967 Road 427, Oakhurst). Then we will be offering up the licensing exams on Saturday March 11th-1pm. at the Sierra Vista Presbyterian Church (39696 Hwy 41, Oakhurst). The classes are free but there is a small charge for the Exam and your FCC Registration number.

If you are interested contact Steve- K6SJK, at 559 877-3299 or at stevek5000@gmail.com

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