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EMERGING FROM THE SHUTDOWN: A Stone’s Throw from Closing but Never Giving Up

Dani Schulz outside the business she opened 9 days before the shutdown

Dani Schulz opened A Stone’s Throw Massage Therapy nine days before COVID caused the first business shutdown, and it forced her to get creative really fast.

Determined to survive—and thrive—she focused on furthering her knowledge of massage therapy and other modalities she could employ when her business could reopen. Once California allowed massage services to take place outdoors, she started offering outdoor chair massage at her office on a daily basis. Refusing to be forgotten during the shutdown, she did giveaways and stayed as active as possible on social media.

Dani Schulz does Chair Massage during shutdown

Then the Creek Fire hit, and she couldn’t safely perform outdoor therapy. For very personal reasons she focused on doing her part to thank first responders. “My dad is a firefighter, so it was really important to me to contribute in some way. So I did a free chair massage event for any and all first responders, as a thank you,” Dani said. Accompanied by a fellow therapist from Clovis, Dani states it was a really fun experience.

As far as changes to her business are concerned, Dani says her friends have always called her a “germaphobe.” She already had detailed cleaning protocols in place. Other than mask regulations, she found she didn’t have to change much to be in compliance.

She is optimistic and excited about the future of A Stone’s Throw Massage Therapy. Dani says, “I think one positive thing that 2020 brought about is that people are so much more in touch with themselves now, having spent so much time at home last year, everyone is really starting to see themselves as more of a priority and emphasizing self care. I am not really sure how I will need to change in the future. I am doing my best to just roll with the punches and make decisions based on the safety and comfort of my clients and myself.”

A Stone’s Throw Massage Therapy is located at 49165 Road 426, Suite 8. She can be reached via email at astonesthrowmassage@gmail.com and by telephone at 559/676-5045. Her website is astonesthrowmassage.com.


Does your business have a story to tell about how you survived—and thrived—through the shutdown? I’d love to tell your story, too. Contact Judi Hussain at naturesheart511@gmail.com .

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