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Dog Causes FedEx Truck Crash In YLP

YOSEMITE LAKES PARK – A golden retriever who apparently does not like big trucks, showed its distaste for them by attacking a FedEx driver in YLP last week.

On Sept. 23, just after 2 p.m., a FedEx truck was headed west on Holiday Drive. As is often the case, the doors on the truck were open as it made its way through the neighborhood, stopping for deliveries.

The dog in question ran out into the street, jumped into the truck and chomped down on the driver’s hand, causing him to fall out the door, landing hard on one knee, sustaining yet another injury.

The truck then continued on its own, down the hill and off the other side of the street, where it crashed into some boulders in a neighbor’s yard and stopped when it became high-centered on the large rocks.

The driver was transported by ground ambulance to an area hospital, while the dog was taken into quarantine by Animal Control, and the owners issued a citation.

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