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Creek Fire Updates

Sept. 28, 2020 – The reported growth on the Creek Fire was 1770 acres during the evening operational period bringing the total number of acres burned to 304,604 and containment remained at 39% with full containment not expected until the end of October.

Significant efforts are underway to allow repopulation including restoration of utility services and removal of other hazards, such as dangerous trees.

Adhering to posted speed limits, following guidance of utility providers, and following manufacturer recommendations on auxiliary equipment (e.g. generators) must be followed for the safe return to areas where orders and warnings are being lifted. Special attention must also be given to heavy machinery and firefighting apparatus still operating in the area.

Residents should prepare for potential interruptions in utility services and follow recommendations by utility providers. Additionally, manufacturer recommendations for generator use and only using them outdoors to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning within enclosed spaced such as homes and businesses.

MADERA COUNTY – In the North Zone fire activity is expected to be moderate. There will continue to be slight progression of the
fire towards the northeast near Cattle Mountain. Fire activity will be present in Chetwood Creek, Norris Lake, East For Chiquito Creek, and Northeast of Little Shuteye Peak, and south of Whisky Falls.

Fire resources on the North Zone will remain committed to improving containment line utilizing heavy equipment and handcrews where bulldozers are unable to make access.

FRESNO COUNTY – In the South Zone of the Creek Fire there will be active fire on the eastern portion of the zone towards the 80 Road and Potter Pass. A spot fire south of China Peak that threatens containment and may progress east towards the Dinkey Lakes
Wilderness has held within control lines.

If the fire moves into sparser fuels, progression will slow as it moves towards the Ansel Adams Wilderness. There may be a planned firing operation along Kaiser Pass Road which will cause visible smoke to rise within the fire area.

Operationally, fire resources will perform tactical patrol near the fire perimeter mopping up hot spots and ensuring structures are prepared for defense in the event the fire approaches. Containment remains a priority, and handcrews will be deployed in areas where heavy equipment (i.e. bulldozers) cannot be utilized due to challenging terrain.

WEATHER INFORMATION –  A significant shift in weather began yesterday bringing downslope and downcanyon winds that brought drier air with reduced humidity. Combined with increasing temperatures through midweek, there will be an increase in fire behavior in all areas of the fire as fuels are able to preheat earlier in the day and hot spots will show more open flame and smoke.

Fire resoures will be patrolling and mopping up in all areas of the fire as part of their tactical patrols and efforts to fully contain the Creek Fire.

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