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Creation Ministries Plans Bible-Based Adventure In Yosemite

YOSEMITE – Russ Miller of Creation Ministries is leading a bible-based adventure tour of the southwestern United States, and will be stopping in Yosemite National Park on Apr. 24.Russ Miller is the founder of Creation Evolution and Science Ministries. A former Theistic Evolutionist, Miller has presented a myriad of church messages and seminars, delivered speeches on college campuses and at national conferences, and appeared on worldwide Christian television programs.

Miller’s “Purpose Driven Tours” is a Christian nonprofit ministry that offers many different opportunities for family education and entertainment.

The Yosemite-bound trip departs out of Mississippi on Apr. 15, and returns two weeks later after visiting points west including the Grand Canyon, Bryce and Zion National Parks, Death Valley and Yosemite National Park.

The rendezvous known as “The Creation of Canyons, Deserts and Trees” will stop in Yosemite on Wednesday, Apr. 24, as part of a National Park series of stops. Seats on the coach-style tour bus are limited to 40. Anyone with questions is encouraged to contact organizers as soon as possible.

Those locally who may wish to join Miller’s group for just the Yosemite portion of the trip, may make special arrangements by calling Wayne Barber at 601-672-8733.

For further information, visit the website at http://purposedriventours.org/grand-can-itin


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