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Claudia Box Named Loggers Jamboree Grand Marshal

NORTH FORK — Longtime resident Claudia Box has been chosen as the 58th annual Mid-Sierra Loggers Jamboree Grand Marshal.

Claudia founded Box Feed in 1980 with her late husband Bern Box. Twenty seven years later, Box Feed is the go-to place for feed and ranch supplies in the mountain area.

With many years under her belt as a North Fork resident, she is always available to lend a helping hand. She is a long time member of the North Fork Boosters and many other community organizations.

Claudia and her family have always been active in the community, and her daughter Leoma was a Mid-Sierra Loggers Jamboree Queen.

“It is a pleasure to honor Claudia this year as the Grand Marshal of the 58th Annual Mid-Sierra Loggers Jamboree,” say organizers. “Claudia’s knowledgeable, hardworking staff at Box Feed is ready to load your hay and feed with a smile so get over there and check out their selection!”

Competitively priced, they carry a large variety of products ranging from pet supplies, hay, Wrangler products, Montana Silver, tack, garden and fencing supplies, chick supplies, gift items, toys, greeting cards, treats and lots more.

(Reprinted with permission from Chips)

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1971 — Louis and Ida Carmen

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1980 — Katherine Greene and Fern Weatherly

1981 — Johnie and Willard Nelson

1982 — Marilyn and Charlie Coelho

1983 — Elaine and Dyk Fink

1984 — Gail and Bud Klette, Elena and Jack Dozier, Pat (Thornburg) Hayden

1985 — Gwen and Willis Keys

1986 — Avis and Herb Punkin

1987 — Dottie and Ralph Nicassio

1988 — Alvin McDonald

1989 — Dot and Jim Morris

1990 — Jeannie and Gene Ayers

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1992 — Ila and Paul Barnes

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1994 — Glenn and Ivy DeMoss

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1996 — Warren and Blanche Childers

1997 — Zella and Barney Rohrbaugh

1998 — Grant and Gladys Sturm

1999 — Tom and Janet Wheeler

2000 — Geo and Diana Stafford

2001 — Tom and Sharon Hebrard

2002 — Bill and Nellie Wilson

2003 — Mark and Cindy Swarts

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2005 — Gayle Fain and Doug Waltner

2006 — Bob and Loretta McKee

2007 — Mark and Kathy Logee

2008 — Mike and Sue Morrow

2009 — Doug and Lois Betty

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2012 — The Killian Family

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2015 — Craig & Sheri Pinkerton

2016 — Bill Vanderburgh

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