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Image of a box of candy bars.
A sweet swap: HealthyWage kicks off its 'Cash for Candy' program, allowing any individual in the U.S. to donate their excess, unwanted, and unopened candy, get directly paid for it and, in doing so, support American troops overseas!

Cash for Candy Pays for Treats While Supporting Troops

MOUNTAIN COMMUNITIES — According to some 2022 reports, obesity remains an ominous health threat across America as the avoidable condition plagues more than a third (36.2%) of the U.S. population. This scary statistic is that much more frightful as the Halloween holiday looms large.

However, this year there’s no need to fret as one weight-wise wellness company will pay you cold, hard cash for your candy! This amid the kick-off of HealthyWage’s Cash for Candy program, which will pay individuals $10 per pound of candy up to $100 per person — and up to $10,000 in collective payouts!

Through the initiative, any individual can donate their excess, unwanted and unopened candy to Operation Shoebox on or before November 22, 2022, get directly paid for it, and in doing so, support American troops overseas!

Image of many large boxes of candy. Participants need not be a HealthyWage challenge participant as anyone, anywhere in the U.S. can donate candy and cash in.

Full submission details and instructions can be found here.

This program is a reprisal of the company’s wildly successful 2018 initiative through which HealthyWage — the world’s leading purveyor of financially-induced wellness contests for individuals and corporate/team-based weight loss challenges — then collected a tasty 994 pounds of candy and paid out whopping $9,000 in donations.

Image of David Roddenberry.

David Roddenberry.

“We’re thrilled to again support Americans in their quest to avoid temptation, manage their weight-related health, and bolster their bank accounts,” said HealthyWage Co-Founder and diet gamification pioneer David Roddenberry. “By rewarding individuals with cash in exchange for their excess candy, while also supporting our troops overseas, it’s a win-win—one that can help people start their ‘holiday diet survival’ mindset to avoid needless seasonal weight gain.”

Relative to its range of popular “dieting for dollars” challenges that are available year-round, some of which paying out as much as $10,000 per individual, HealthyWage is founded on substantive research and “double-incentivization” methodology that proves competition and rewards — especially the cash variety — can as much as triple the effectiveness of weight loss programs. And the proof is in the performance in the form of quantifiable and undeniable metrics that behavioral economics-based gamification works when it comes to weight loss.

As case-in-point, since its inception in 2009 and as of September 2022, HealthyWage has paid more than $51 million cash rewards for a collective 3.6 million pounds lost. Also exemplifying the power and efficacy of HealthyWage’s approach are throngs of HealthyWage success stories (both female and male).

“Studies continue to show that monetary incentives serve to enhance the effectiveness of, and duly complement, weight-loss programs of any and all sorts, especially when paid out quickly like our various programs,” said Roddenberry. “The average HealthyWager participant more than doubles their investment if they are successful at achieving their goal. The financial upside potential is impressive.”

Image of Jillian Michaels.

Jillian Michaels.

So effective is this diet gamification method, famous personalities have joined HealthyWage in the fight to get America fit. The company also partners with global health and fitness expert Jillian Michaels to provide free 6-month access to the Fitness App by Jillian Michaels for participants taking a HealthyWager challenge. The partnership provides HealthyWager challengers with custom workouts and meal plans — everything they need to succeed — with a chance to win up to $10,000.

If this is the Halloween season when you would like to thwart temptation (or help your children achieve the same) and be financially rewarded for doing so—all while being charitable towards American troops, the HealthyWage “Cash for Candy” program is a sweet opportunity.

Image of a very large assortment of candy.

Image by Luis Aguila.

Even for the temptation season just beyond, the company’s cash-fueled approach to weight loss and management just might give you that extra dose of motivation that’ll truly help you stay the course, shed weight and make some extra money in the process. There’s no better time than right now to bank on yourself.

About Operation Shoebox

Image of the Operation Shoebox logo. Operation Shoebox was founded in 2003 by military mom, Mary Harper. With a mission to provide hands-on support for troops deployed overseas and for returning home, they send on average 350 and 400 care packages a week with items such as coffee, socks, toothpaste, letters of encouragement (and candy!). In addition to supporting troops overseas, they also host fundraisers and collect supplies for homeless veterans in need.

Learn more at operationshoebox.com.

About HealthyWage

Industry-leading health and wellness purveyor HealthyWage provides cash incentives, social and expert-based support, tools and resources, and goal-setting and tracking technologies to address our nation’s obesity epidemic and improve America’s collective health.

HealthyWage is at the forefront of the weight-wagering movement, having formally created competitive, cash-fueled programs for more than 90 Fortune 500 and other companies, hospitals, health systems, insurers, school systems, municipal governments and other organizations throughout the U.S., and their program has been more informally run at more than 3,000 companies and organizations.

The company was founded in response to academic research that proves even small cash rewards triple the effectiveness of weight-loss programs; that people are more effective at losing weight when their own money is at risk; and that social networks play a large role in the spread of obesity, and will likely play a large role in reversing obesity.

Learn more online at healthywage.com.

Check out this short video with Jillian Michaels from HealthyWage! 

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