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Minarets students Tati Guerra and Rhett Samper (photo by Gina Samper)

Benefit Gymkhana Nets $2,000 for Minarets Team, Coats and Food for Manna House

COARSEGOLD – Minarets students Rhett Samper and Tati Guerra made their senior project about helping their school and their community.

Riders await Grand Entry at the Coarsegold Rodeo Grounds (photo by Todd Talent)

On Sunday, the two produced a gymkhana at Coarsegold Rodeo Grounds to raise funds for the Minarets Equestrian Team and gather donations for Manna House of Oakhurst.

The event drew an unexpected 62 horse and rider teams, raised $2,000 for the equestrian team and provided a stock tank full of food and clothing for Manna House.

Rhett Samper enjoyed watching the community come together for a day of fun and charity. “We are grateful to the community for their support – this is going to help the Equestrian Team with equipment and costs,” he said. “The donations to the Manna House are perfect timing too with Thanksgiving so close. We got quite a few coats in time for this cold weather.”

The day consisted of three events: Barrel Racing, Pole Bending and a Single Stake Race.

Each event is judged solely by the time it takes horse and rider to complete the course. In traditional Barrel Racing, the event is so competitive, the times are measured to the thousandth of a second. The difference between first and second can often – quite literally – be less than a hair.

Tati Guerra presents a prize for 2nd Place High Point to Hailey Martinez (photo by Todd Talent)

Prizes for the day were donated by Claudia Box of Box Feed, Debin Crose of Wonder Valley Ranch and the Samper and Guerra families.
The Tweed family – owners of the Coarsegold Rodeo Grounds – donated use of their arena.
Other help in the form of gate monitoring, tractor work, cook shack and sound system came from other volunteers, with special thanks to the Derrick, Pearson, Lundgren and Redman families and event photographer Todd Talent, who is donating proceeds from photo sales.


The age category winners were:

Lead Line
1: Ranae Rodgers
2. Tatum Bigelow
3. Sierra Galloway
5-8 Years Old
1. Lilah Anderson
2. Haley Martinez
3. Mykela Gandy
9-12 Years Old
1. Leighton Goerdt
2. Troy Baze
3. Texann Baze
13-17 Years Old
1. Kayla Lundgren (riding Grumpy)
2. Kayla Lundgren (riding Boone)
3. Chloe Robbins
18 and Over
1. Ashton Wilfong
2. Emily Busby
3. Laci Wilfong

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