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Mariposa County Sheriff's Office

Bar Shooting Leads to Arrest in Mariposa

MARIPOSAThe Mariposa County Sheriff’s Department is reporting that at approximately 11pm  Sunday, January 28th, Quentin Gelhaus, age 31 of Cathey’s Valley, and two of his friends had been drinking inside Miners Inn. After a verbal argument with workers in the bar, Gelhaus was asked to leave.

Miners Inn security camera Footage.

He and his two friends exited the bar, less than a minute later Gelhaus took out a gun and shot several times through the door of the bar. Several shots penetrated the door and entered into the bar that was occupied by several customers. The female friend attempted to stop Gelhaus.

Gelhaus and his friends then left the bar in their vehicle, once turning onto Hwy 49S Gelhaus wrecked his vehicle into an embankment. He and his two passengers were injured in the accident.

The gun was located inside the vehicle.

Gelhaus was arrested and charged with the following:

664/187- Attempted Murder
236- False Imprisonment
245- Assault with a Firearm on a Person
246- Shooting at Inhabited Dwellings/Vehicles
537- Defrauding Inn Keeper
29800- Felon in Possession of a Firearm
273.5- Corporal Injury (Domestic Violence)
His bail is currently set at $500,000

“This had the potential of being a very bad situation. I am thankful no one was seriously injured or killed. I am thankful for the Sheriff’s Office quick response to the scene, keeping our communities safe 24/7.” Sheriff Jeremy Briese

These are rods that show bullet holes and the trajectory of them.

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