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Auxiliary Distributes Free Signs Warning Of Fire Danger

NORTH FORK — A group of citizens in North Fork is taking the threat of wildfire seriously and putting up serious cash to make people aware of the danger.

The North Fork Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary has ponied up over $2,000 to purchase 1,000 bright yellow signs to remind visitors and residents alike of the ever-present and very real danger of being careless with fire. Auxiliary members will be distributing them to property and business owners who wish to display them.

Ginger Foust is the driving force behind this project, and will be taking delivery of the signs by Friday, July 1. She will make them available to those who request them, free of charge.

Fire Danger signsThe signs are plastic and waterproof, and are 12 x 18 inches.

These sign are not to be posted on public lands, power poles or roadway easements, but are meant to be displayed on private property and in private businesses. They can also be displayed in vehicles, as long as they don’t obstruct the driver’s view.

The Auxiliary requests that property owners who wish to display the signs live on main thoroughfares as opposed to, say, in a cul-de-sac or little-used road, to allow for maximum exposure and impact, especially for those visiting the area who may not be aware of danger with which mountain area residents live every day.

Also, everyone is asked to please commit to taking the signs down at the end fire season.

“The North Fork Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary is trying to do its part to raise the awareness of mountain residents and visitors about the extreme fire danger in our mountains,” says Auxiliary president Sandy Chaille. “With the millions of dead trees, a single spark or runaway campfire could decimate our communities and forests. We hope that these signs will remind people of the extreme danger and result in a decreased occurrence of fires in our mountains.”

The Auxiliary finds this project to be right in line with their mission of supporting our local firefighters, as public awareness may decrease the incidents of serious wildfires, therefore protecting firefighters and the public.

If you would like to display a sign on your property or business, please contact Ginger Foust at ginger@dreamredesigns.com.

Ninety-five percent of all wildfires are human-caused, says Cal Fire, which means almost all are preventable.

For more information on making sure you’re ready for wildfire, visit www.readyforwildfire.org and http://firewisemaderacounty.org/

(Editor’s note: The North Fork Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary is a 501(c)3 non profit group. The signs are absolutely free, but as a member of the NFVFDA, I invite anyone who wishes to make a donation to the cause!)

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