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Attempted Break-in At North Fork Library

NORTH FORK – Vandals did their best to break into the North Fork Library on either Sunday or Monday night, but were unsuccessful.

When the staff locked up at about 6:30 p.m. last Saturday evening, the doors locked normally and all was well. But when they returned on Tuesday morning, they were greeted by evidence that someone had attempted to pry the door open with something they thought might have been a crow bar.

Library door pry marks - photo courtesy Monica Lain-Shaw“We saw that the lock was broken, and the mechanism that dropped into the floor was no longer functioning,” said library assistant Crystal Pike. “Fortunately they didn’t get in.”

When the repair man arrived, he told them that even with the lock broken, a would-be thief would still not be able to open the door. Therefore, nothing was stolen, though many are wondering why anyone would want to break into the library.

“We are shocked and saddened that anyone would want to do this,” says Crystal. “This is a place for the community to come, and we try to do a lot for our town. We’re just sad.”

A Sheriff’s deputy came out to take a report, and noted that the incident would be ruled a vandalism case, since nothing was stolen.

This attempted break-in could have taken place during the same time frame as the burglary at La Cabana Mexican Restaurant, which was reported just after midnight on Monday morning after the burglars were spotted by a neighbor. Since the library is closed on Mondays, no one is sure just when the incident took place.

Anyone with information about this incident or the burglary at La Cabana is encouraged to call the Madera County Sheriff’s Office at 559-675-7770. You can remain anonymous. The only way for anyone to be held accountable for these crimes is for citizens and law enforcement to work together.

(photo by Monica Lain-Shaw)

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