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Alert | Madera Sheriff Evacuations Warnings Reduced or Lifted

Madera County  – Evacuation Orders for M7 have been reduced to Evacuation Warnings. Residents in the area need to be aware there is still a potential for evacuations and need to be prepared to evacuate at a moments notice. Citizens need to monitor the situation and be prepared to take action immediately. These areas are being opened to residents only.

Cascadel Road between Peckinpah Acres Drive and end of the subdivision including all spur roads such as Cascadel Heights Drive, GR Trestle Court, Loma Linda Drive, Loma Linda Lane, Vista Drive West, Hillside Road, Cascadel Drive, Cascadel Lane, Cascadel Drive North, Cascadel Drive South and Waterfall Way.

Update 3:02 p.m. –  Evacuation Zones M1 Kerckhoff Lake, M29 south End of North Fork, M30 downtown North Fork, M46 Road 223, and M47 Timberview, have been lifted. Please go to the Madera County Web Page and click on the fire map to see more information. #creekfire

Evacuation Map – click here

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