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Agencies Respond To Campers Stranded In Snowstorm

mcso-rescue-sunday-nov-27-2016-chilkoot-campground-moving-trees-out-of-the-way-courtesy-mcsoSIERRA NATIONAL FOREST — What began as an exciting post-holiday trip to the mountains turned into quite an ordeal, and ultimately required the services of teams of rescuers this weekend. On Sunday, Nov. 27, the Madera County Sheriff’s Office received a call from some campers requesting assistance.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, these campers had neglected to check the weather report before beginning their adventure. Despite a winter weather advisory through the National Weather Service, they were surprised by heavy snowfall at Chilkoot Campground above Bass Lake, and were stranded.

mcso-rescue-sunday-nov-27-2016-chilkoot-campground-rescue-vehicles-in-snow-courtesy-mcsoDeputies Ian Weaver, Michael Murphy and Shane Young, as well as Sgt. Jacob Tallmon and USFS Law Enforcement Officer Melissa Wise, responded to assist the young campers.

Even the Sheriff’s Office and Forest Service vehicles had to fight through deep snow, clearing fallen trees off the roadway, before being able to get to the campground. On arrival, they successfully transported the campers, along with three dogs, back to the Bass Lake area to wait for assistance in recovering their vehicles.

The campers were in good spirits, says Sheriff’s deputies, and agreed to pose for a photo as part of a public service announcement, in which the Sheriff’s Office wants to stress to everyone the need for awareness of inclement weather patterns when making plans to recreate in the outdoors during cold months.

mcso-rescue-sunday-nov-27-2016-chilkoot-campground-cold-springs-summit-courtesy-mcsoLater on Sunday, Sgt. Tallmon and LEO Wise continued to check the area and located numerous other stranded subjects and stuck vehicles, many poorly-equipped for the winter conditions.

The Madera County Sheriff’s Office reminds visitors and residents alike that, when traveling in the mountain area in the winter, it is important to know of projected weather forecasts. It is also important to have an appropriately-equipped vehicle and enough warm clothing, food and water stored in your vehicle for at least a day.

Photos courtesy Madera County Sheriff’s Office

National Weather Service

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