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Image of aspen trees from Virtual Yosmite.
Thick undergrowth, scratched legs, and difficult footing? No thanks! We'll go to Virtual Yosemite and see it all from the comfort of our living room.

Virtual Yosemite: Tioga Road Aspens

For the interactive 360° VR experience, go to https://www.virtualyosemite.org/virtual-tour/#node299

With oncoming winter weather and expected snows, Tioga Road was finally closed for the season this past week. Depending on the length and depth of winter snows ahead, it will likely reopen in May or June of next year.

When it is open, traveling eastward down Tioga Road from Tioga Pass provides views of a large clone of aspen trees in the distance to the right. In the fall (generally in early to mid-October), the leaves of these trees turn brilliant yellow and orange.

Getting close involves some difficult cross-country scrambling through sometimes thick undergrowth, as well as crossing a steep creek. The best option is to view or photograph these brilliant trees from a distance, but the most accessible route – for those who don’t mind scratched legs and difficult footing – is to look for a small dirt turnoff just in front of an “Elevation 9,000′” sign as you enter a long right hand curve in the road.

Park there to explore on your own. Be cautious, and remember, there is no trail.

©2020 Photography by Scott Highton

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