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Image of pet of the week, Charles the cat.
Awww! Now would you just look at that fuzzy little face!

Pet of the Week: Charles the Cat

Hello! Charles here!

I have some information for you! Kitten season is here and lots of baby kitties are being born.

The lucky ones will soon be available for adoption. They are all so cute you can hardly resist the fuzzy little things.

I hope when you think of adding a furry friend to your family, you might also consider an adult cat.

Here’s why… Adult cats require less attention and supervision. They’re quiet companions. They have well-developed manners, use the litter box and the scratching post without constant reminders.

The EMCSPCA will soon have adoption events, so keep an eye out for dates and locations to adopt your new best friend.

Image of the EMCSPCA logo.


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