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Adventures with Candace: Meet My Critter Cam Friends

Who is making an appearance on my Critter Cam? I have had Trail Cameras, also known as Critter Cams, set up around my house for close to 20 years and love discovering who is paying me a visit. I thought you might like to meet a few of my Critter Cam friends so I uploaded some of them to YouTube to share with you.

I have two different bobcats that visit from time to time, usually passing through pretty quickly.

And coyotes are frequent visitors that pass through.

Quite a few deer hang out and they can be very interesting to watch.

I can relate to this deer with those pesky gnats. They sometimes irritate us on our hikes.

And who doesn’t have an itch they need to scratch?

Some of my friends have huge flocks of turkeys but I only get a few at times. I think my dog Sally discourages them from hanging out too long.

Those squirrels can be pretty funny to watch. Sometimes it is almost like they are dancing to the camera.

I have plenty of gophers to keep the herons busy hunting them.

I haven’t figured out why a flock of pigeons will suddenly land in one small area, especially in front of the camera, but they do.

One of the big reasons I have the cameras is because I was curious to find out what visitors I have after it gets dark. Skunks ramble through.

Coyotes are frequent critters that pass through.

I’ve never seen a racoon around here during the day but they wander through after dark on occasion.

I have also never seen a jack rabbit during the day here but here it is, and look at those ears working to sense what it around it.

I don’t usually see the bigger bucks during the day but they walk through after dark.

And the cameras capture some other things I miss. There goes a neighbor’s cat.

I have captured bear and fox but never a mountain lion. They are around though. The most exciting capture was when I caught a coyote running after Sally. I slowed it down so you could see it better because it happened quick and right at the beginning. Oh, and Sally never mentioned a word of this to me.

Then I get a bunch of boring videos of me doing stuff.

I do not put any food out for any of these critters. It took me a while to find a good spot to place the cameras and I move them around a bit. There are lots of types of cameras out there, some of them pretty fancy that you can live feed to your computer, but the ones I am current using are the Browning Trail cameras. They are battery operated and have a SD card in them that I remove, periodically downloading to the computer. It is fun to see what I caught because there is always some sort of surprise there. I can set it up to do photos or video and I like the 10 second videos the best, even though it uses a little more battery and space on the SD card.

Who would be making an appearance on a Critter Cam around your house? Maybe this is something that you may be interested in checking out for around your home.


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