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Miller’s Landing Goes to the Dogs

It’s over for this year, but get your pup ready for the 2nd annual Miller’s Dog Show in 2022.

When the world turns upside down overnight, the creative come up with new ways to thrive. Miller’s Landing, a Bass Lake institution since 1982, is known for its ability to roll with the punches. Once again it met the challenge and exceeded it.

For several years Miller’s has offered the My*Tri kids’ triathlon, and much of the same great team in charge of that race came together to send Miller’s to the dogs. A dog show, that is. On Sunday, June 6, Katie Bethune, Juliet Thrapp and Michelle Miller, along with other Chawanakee Educational Foundation volunteers, presented the First Annual Miller’s Dog Show, to benefit CEF.

The lineup. Seventeen stalwart canines competed.

Seventeen marvelous canines (and the humans owned by them) met at the lake. Everyone had so much fun, they’ve all vowed to do it again next year. Michelle Miller says, “It was the perfect amount of pups for our first attempt! We know next year will be bigger and better and there will of course be small tweaks to perfect it.”

Contests? Of course there were contests.

The eating contest was a hit. Almost all the dogs participated in slurping up Puppuccinos served in a pie tin, devoured quickly by the winners. Other pups took a classier approach while relaxing in the shade to enjoy their sweet treat.

Pups on SUPS.

Pups on SUPS put the dogs on the lake, if they chose to go. Racers hopped on paddle boards with their humans providing the power as they made their way around a few buoys then back to the dock. One young handler accompanied her dog “Cutie Pup Pup” on the journey.

The Doggy Derby had two heats, organized by canine size, one for the big guys and a second for the tinier folks. Some pups got distracted by the shady grass, while the winners raced to the finish line.

Even a lion competed.

What dog show could be complete without a costume contest? Featured were a lion, a lifeguard and, as Michelle says, “a whole lot of cuteness.”

The unenviable job of deciding winners fell to esteemed judges Jessica Hansen of the Downtown Dog, North Fork, Dr. Kevin Lazarcheff of Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital and Dr. Laura Rotz of Animal Hospital of the Sierra, Oakhurst. A huge thanks goes to them for providing their time and expertise.

The show, open to all dogs regardless of heritage, featured everything from mutts to purebred. The goal set by the organizers was to create a fun family day for everyone, and Michelle affirms that mission was accomplished.

The idea came about as a response to cancelled CEF fundraisers in 2020 due to COVID. Miller’s Landing always offer community support and seeks to help local activities get moving again, now that many people are vaccinated.

It’s not too soon to start prepping your pups for next year’s dog show. For further information, contact Miller’s Landing at 559/642-3633, millerslanding.com.

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