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Local MET Theater Changes Name

Hello, Movie Heroes! Exciting Things are on the Horizon! Besides Being Able to Open on the 7th, We Are Moving Forward on Many Fronts

OAKHURST – The first and the main point of this announcement is that we are updating the name of the theater.

The original owners of the theater, Rusty and Sara Murphy, named the theater after their company, Mountain EnterTainment (MET) when they built it. That made sense for them and we have honored it for 8 years. We now want to shape the theater into line with our goals and dreams.

We will still honor their legacy in our customer service, showing of great films, and keeping the mountain theater alive and thriving, while improving it to the best of our ability.

It is now named, Yosemite Cinema.

You will see new signage going up with our new logo and the inside of the theater will be changing to a mountain and forest feel, with log cabin elements.

We are very excited about this as it does several things. The first thing it does is ties us into the mountain community and brings the fact we are the South Gate to Yosemite to the forefront of people’s minds.

After over a year closed, we will need Yosemite visitors to know we exist and feel like we are part of their travel experience. We will survive if we can do this.

The second thing the name change does is prepare us for another big goal we have that we can unveil soon.

You are still Movie Heroes, and will always be. You are now Movie Heroes at a theater that is about to be beautified and upgraded.

So many things are coming that we cannot wait to tell you.

Welcome to Yosemite Cinema, the next chapter in the saving and revival of the Oakhurst theater. The future is looking beautiful and bright.

We are in for an amazing journey and we are so excited to be on it with you.

Best to you all,
Matt, Keith, and Stacy
Yosemite Cinema

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