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The more input, feedback, and involvement from the residents of the state, the more likely each state is to maximize the dollars they receive from the federal government. Read on for more info!

Assistance Needed to Bring Broadband Dollars to California

MOUNTAIN COMMUNITIESRural County Representatives of California (RCRC) is asking for assistance in getting some more surveys completed (see below). It may not seem like a big deal, but this is how we make sure that our tax dollars come back to us. Please fill out the survey and forward it on to some of your friends and family. RCRC is currently tracking respondents and Inyo County is currently ahead with 219. Let’s see if we can get some completed and get on the leader board!

Image of the Rural County Representatives of California logo.California State Digital Equity Plan: Public Survey

Under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act, $62 billion was allocated for broadband investment across the United States. In order to receive individual allocations, each state must implement a comprehensive engagement effort that seeks input from residents and incorporates that input into a State Plan. This could mean investment (or not) in our communities.

Image of the California Department of Technology logo. The California Department of Technology is developing the state’s digital equity portion of the state plan that will determine how much of the $62 billion will be allocated to California. Part of their community engagement effort in development of the state plan involves distribution and participation in a brief, 10 minute, anonymous survey by at least 250 residents from each rural county. In the case of Madera County, seven surveys have been received.

This is where your help is needed. The California Department of Technology is tallying the number of surveys received by county. We need to get to 250 survey responses per county by June 30th. Please help us achieve this goal so we can maximize the amount of federal broadband money that California – and our community – can and should receive.

California State Digital Equity Plan: Public Survey

If you really want to lean into this effort, click here for a promotional toolkit for the survey with ready-for-us social media postings, printable flyers, and template newsletter articles.

Our community has the ability to impact future funding!

Check out this video about the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act! 

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