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Image of Yosemite National Park.
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June 30th Reports from Visit Yosemite – Madera County

MADERA COUNTY — Please see the attached PDFs from Visit Yosemite – Madera County for the Daily Conditions Report and for current weather conditions.

Daily Conditions Report (PDF)

Current Weather Conditions (PDF)

Image of the Visit Yosemite - Madera County logo.Some important reminders from the park service

Wawona Road Hazard Tree Removal

Beginning Tuesday, July 5, park forestry crews will be working along Wawona Road between Yosemite West and Wawona.

Work will take place Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Expect traffic delays.

Stop Sign At Park Entrance Prescreen Stations

Thank you for your support and consideration when traveling through all park entrance stations. You help entrance station staff stay safer by not speeding and stopping at stop signs. As you all may know, there is a different setup during peak hour reservations including folks prescreening visitor entries for reservations.

Image of a waterfall at Yosemite.

Image by David Mark.

Entrance station staff asks all vehicles to stop at the prescreen location so employees can see your park vehicle sticker and wave you through. This is an extra stop but the function is so helpful in managing traffic during the reservation system and will be in place through Sep. 30.

Tioga Road & Tuolumne Meadows: June 29th Update

Please expect workers on or near Tioga Road near the following locations. Locations and dates are subject to change.

Image of the Subex logo. June 29: Concrete curb placement from the climbers’ turnouts through East Beach. Subex will be doing work near the climbers’ turnouts.

Fine grading Pothole Dome through climbers’ turnouts. Grading for curb west of Pothole Dome Parking area through East Beach Picnic Area.

Pulverizing near East Beach through Tenaya Lake.

Image of Tenaya Lake.

Tenaya Lake.






Finish paving Soda Springs Road and start at the east end toward Tuolumne Lodge Road. Planning on paving Tioga Road on Friday, July 1.

No work on Monday, July 4.

The pilot car is running from the east end through WWTP, as well as Pothole Dome through East Beach. Expect 20 minute delay at the pilot cars.

No parking along Tioga Road within the pilot car area.

Image of Lembert Dome.

Lembert Dome.

No parking at Lembert Dome.

No parking at Pothole Dome west. That lot is needed for paving truck turnaround.

The Dog Lake trailhead, Wilderness Center, Visitor Center, new Contact Center, and Pothole Dome East parking lots are open and available for meadow parking. The store parking is open for shoppers.

East Beach, Murphy Creek Picnic Area, Old Campground and Sunrise Lakes Trailhead parking lots are open. The temporary trail from the Visitors Center parking lot to the Cathedral Lakes Trailhead is open.

Image of Wawona Hotel.

Wawona Hotel.

Wawona Fuels Reduction Until Further Notice

Contractors are removing fuels in the form of dead and down trees from private and NPS lots in the community of Wawona to create defensible space for the community against fire and to provide for fire fighter safety.

Heavy equipment and truck traffic will be operating in the community.

Expect increased truck traffic on Big Oak Flat Road and Wawona Road.

Homeowners may still sign up for this free service.

Image of a face mask.

Image by Mika Baumeister.

Masks Now Required for Staff and Visitors in Federal Facilities

Below is the weekly mask wearing guidance:

Mariposa: High (was medium last week).

Tuolumne: High (was medium last week).

Madera: High (no change from last week).

This means mask wearing in federal facilities and enclosed public transportation is required for staff, visitors, and others, regardless of vaccination status.

On-duty employees in shared vehicles must also wear masks.

This information applies to all facilities in Yosemite National Park, the El Portal Administrative Site, and the Mariposa office.

This also means that for the week of June 23 through June 30, business visitors are required to attest to their vaccination status in order to gain entry to NPS buildings.

If they are not fully vaccinated, they must provide a negative test result dated within the prior three days.

Image of Yosemite Valley at dusk.

“The great rocks of Yosemite, expressing qualities of timeless yet intimate grandeur, are the most compelling formations of their kind. We should not casually pass them by, for they are the very heart of the earth speaking to us.” — Ansel Adams

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