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Computer Problems? Ask the Geek!

Welcome to Ask the Geek! A new computer Q&A section of Sierra News Online.

I have been fixing computers in the mountain area since I was a kid, and one of the biggest things I’ve found from my customers is that many of them are afraid to ask questions.

Sometimes it’s because they have had a bad experience in the past with asking questions to an IT Professional. Some “experts” don’t have the patience, others don’t want to be seen as less intelligent on the subject.

The fact is that if you are going to be able to learn more about what you don’t know, you have to be able to ask questions about it and not feel criticized for it. Ask the Geek! is a place for you to submit your questions to me without fear, where the simple, “How do I turn this thing on” can be asked.

Every week I’ll answer those questions here on SNO. Your identity will be kept safe and confidential, so there’s no worrying that your elderly neighbor will see the question and tell you, “Even I knew that one!”

Try to keep your questions simple; if I need clarification on what you are asking I will contact you by phone or email.

So take advantage of my years of experience and willingness to help and Ask the Geek!

Richard Keg is a technology specialist at Computer Repair And Maintenance in Oakhurst, CA, and has been serving the mountain area since 1994. He can be reached at C-RAM is on Facebook at

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    I scanned brochures. They copied as “pictures.” Is there anyway I can use the readability tool? Since they scanned as pictures, I can’t access them inorder to used the readability tool.

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