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Image of tagging done at Yosemite National Park.
If you have any information on the individuals responsible for these acts of vandalism, please let us know!

Yosemite National Park Seeks Help Finding Taggers

YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK — On Friday night on May 20, 2022, there were multiple reports of vandalism on the Yosemite Falls Trail. Park rangers quickly set up what is known as a “trail block” and were able to identify several potential suspects.

On Saturday, May 21, rangers were able to further investigate the damage and found approximately 30 locations along the trail that had been hit by taggers.

Image of a boulder that has been tagged by vandals.

Sierra News Online and Yosemite National Park are asking for the public’s help in identifying those responsible for the recent vandalism.

Please let us know if you have any information by visiting go.nps.gov/submitatip or e-mailing nps_isb@nps.gov or by calling/texting 888-653-0009.

Graffiti vs. Street Art vs. Tagging

Graffiti, street art, and tagging are often similar, but they’re not necessarily the same thing.


Graffiti is a form of artistic self-expression that often uses public spaces. It’s often done illegally, because it can be hard to get permission to paint on things like walls and trains. For it to be considered true graffiti it should include a form of text, such as the artist’s name. Click here for some more examples.

Image of graffiiti.

An example of graffiti.

Street Art

Street art is also a form of self-expression, but it usually depicts something more than just the artist’s name. Artists often use their medium to tell stories or spread messages about social issues or current events, such as the work done by Banksy.

Street art tends to be more elaborate than graffiti and can include murals, sculptures made from found objects, or other types of installations in public spaces. While some may disagree, most street art improves or beautifies the site where it is located. It is also usually intended to be more permanent, often remaining in place for years.

Image of street art.

An example of street art.


Tagging is just a low-effort way of putting your name (or your gang’s name) on something, and not necessarily in a very artistic way. It is often done as a way of marking a gang’s territory.

Image of a boulder that has been tagged.

An example of tagging.

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