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Relaxation Yoga with Lisa at Oakhurst Community Center. Photo courtesy of Visit Yosemite | Madera County

Yoga in the Mountains with Lisa Wobler

OAKHURST — In 2015, Lisa Wobler moved to Oakhurst from the San Diego area to achieve a “simpler life.” It’s not clear that she “simplified” much, as busy as she keeps herself, but she has provided herself with a place to do what she loves:  yoga and running her Yosemite Dreams vacation rental property with partner journalist/photographer Phil Ireland. In fact, although she teaches outside her home regularly, her property provides the perfect venue to combine a yoga/vacation/Yosemite retreat. But any place with enough space is all one needs to get the benefits of a regular yoga practice. Her place, group spaces, your home, the outdoors.

Phil Ireland and Lisa Wobler, owners of Yosemite Dreams vacation rental.








Lisa obtained her Vinyasa Flow certification in San Diego back in 2012 and began teaching soon after that. Add to that a B.A. in Psychology and certifications in exercise and nutrition as well as Healing Touch, which uses Chakra techniques similar to Reiki, and she has a well-rounded approach to health and well-being.

Prior to the pandemic, Lisa offered yoga classes in various venues around the Oakhurst area, but COVID brought a few glitches.  She suddenly faced the daunting task of finding safe outdoor spaces suitable for smaller groups with appropriate social distancing. But a few benefits arose, as well. Lisa says “I loved the dedication of my students during COVID in that we practiced outside in all kinds of weather.  We did yoga outdoors all through the winter, wearing polar fleece and Uggs, hats, socks and mittens.  We move fast in the cold and slow in the heat!”

The exquisite grounds of Yosemite Dreams, Lisa’s vacation rental

Currently Lisa offers relaxation yoga classes through Eastern Madera County Recreation and Parks on a weekly basis at the Oakhurst Community Center, most of her teaching is done on her own at various locations, as well as individually at her home.

When are good occasions to practice yoga and other healing arts? Anyplace your mind can dream up! Lisa would love to do special-occasion events such as retreats, birthdays, reunions, bridal parties, even girls-night-out. All locations and groups are fair fame!  “My company name is Your Yoga because I can adjust to whatever you want or need. It’s your practice,” Lisa emphasizes.

Moving to Oakhurst did present some challenges. The weather, for one. Distances between clients or venues, for another.  But she has persisted and continues to extend services year-round to clients new and old.

Lisa currently offers classes on Tuesdays at 5:30 p.m. at the Oakhurst Community Center and Thursdays at 6 p.m. at the Queen’s Inn. She’d love to expand those offerings to the community and is willing to tailor classes to clients’ needs.


Pricing structure for Lisa’s groups and classes are as follows

  • Private sessions $40 for one person or $50 for two.
  • Healing Touch sessions for one hour for $50, during which Lisa measures your chakras, performs a treatment and then repeats the measuring. Per Lisa, “No one leaves my table without all their Chakras balanced, connected and open!”

Yoga knows no age limits, and Lisa can tailor sessions and group classes for varying abilities, from children to seniors, including chair yoga.

Classes through Eastern Madera County Recreation and Parks can be scheduled here. To contact Lisa about private or group sessions, give her a call at 858-337-8353 from 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. daily or visit the Yosemite Dreams website.

Lisa’s reward? “I love to see my clients’ faces after an hour or so of yoga.  They always look happy, relaxed and satisfied.”

All photos courtesy of Phil Ireland and Lisa Wobler except as noted.

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