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Willow Fire Now 80 Percent Contained

NORTH FORK – Demobilization continues on the Willow Fire, now estimated at 5,702 acres with 80 percent containment. Crews are being released to other fires across the state, and activity is winding down at the Incident Command Post.

There are currently 1,313 personnel assigned to the incident.

All remaining evacuations will be lifted as of 10 a.m. Tuesday, Aug. 4, though roads remain closed to the public. Residents must show identification to be allowed entry.

Fire crews will continue mopping up hot spots on the fire perimeter and holding all firelines. Smoke can still be seen within the fire as interior islands and heavy down material smolder.

Fire crews will continue with fireline suppression repair, improving land damaged during suppression efforts and line construction.

The Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) Team is scheduled to arrive at the incident today. The BAER program is designed to address emergency situations through its key goals of protecting life, property, and critical natural and cultural resources. BAER teams are staffed by specially trained professionals: hydrologists, soil scientists, engineers, biologists, vegetation specialists, archeologists, and others who rapidly evaluate the burned area and prescribe emergency stabilization treatments to prevent heavy runoff and damage when winter rains impact the burn footprint.

Road Closures

Willow Canyon Road, Central Camp Road, Autumn Ridge Road, and Douglas Ranger Station Road remain closed to the general public. All road closure are until further notice. Residents have been allowed to return to their homes as of 10 a.m. Tuesday, Aug. 4.

Campground Closures

Gaggs, Whiskers, and Whiskey Falls campgrounds are closed.

The Willow Fire started on July 25, allegedly by a juvenile playing with a lighter.

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