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Wildfire Wednesday: Emergency Alerts – Part 3

This is the third in a series of articles SNO will be doing called “Wildfire Wednesday.” To begin, there will be 8 articles presenting “The 12 Step Guide to Help Plan in Advance for Evacuation.” This guide was put together by Katie Hepler and the members of the California Fire Support Group on Facebook. The California Fire Support Group is “intended to allow collaboration between those who have been through the fire and recovery process, and those who want to be prepared or are currently experiencing a fire.” Katie Hepler got involved in wildfire relief and recovery in 2015 when the Butte Fire devastated the community of Mountain Ranch and Calaveras County.

MOUNTAIN COMMUNITIES — Wildfire season is just around the corner and being prepared is vital for keeping your family and community safe.  Following are Steps 3 and 4 from “The 12 Step Guide to Help Plan in Advance for Evacuation.” This guide was put together by those who have experienced evacuations firsthand. The guide is set up in a way that encourages you to do the work now, ahead of time, so that if and when you need to evacuate, you will be able to do so quickly and safely.


Sign Up for Emergency Alerts

In California, you can sign up for emergency alerts by county. You can often be alerted via phone or email in the event of an emergency near you. You also have the ability to sign up for alerts in multiple counties. You can sign up for the locations you need here:
To sign up for emergency alerts in Mariposa County http://msoalert.com/
And in Madera County http://www.mcalert.org/

You may also want to check if your phone carrier provides some type of phone alert or warning service. It’s also a smart idea to join a good old fashion phone tree or neighborhood watch group that can alert one another.

Another amazing resource is Social Media. Whatever platform you prefer, find some of the officials and groups that keep up to date fire and evacuation information. Follow and join the ones in your area. This may be resources like CalFire, your local Sheriff, community groups, or keyboard warrior individuals.


Keep Your Car Full of Gas and Maintained

It is good practice to never run your car too low on gas. A half tank is a good level to try and keep at all times. If it is near fire season, it is wise to keep your tanks as full as you can. Keep your car up to date on maintenance (oil, tires, fluids, etc). You may also want to keep extra coolant, jumper cables, or other items inside depending on your vehicle. You never know how far you may need to go or how long you may be in your vehicle before you get to safety. Here is a good article on some basic car maintenance and milestones:

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