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Congratulations to all the new Master Gardeners!

Welcome Our New “Crop” of Master Gardeners

Submitted by Michele Nowak-Sharkey

Join us in welcoming our new “crop” of Master Gardeners to Mariposa and Madera counties! The class of 2024 graduated on May 11, 2024, after 17 weeks of in-depth training online and in person. The training class had students from both Mariposa and Madera counties. The graduates in the back row will be volunteering in Mariposa County. The group kneeling in front will be doing their volunteer work in Madera County.

Backrow: Mary Winterstrom, Lisa Morgan, Hanna Gunn,
Matthew Estes & son, Sarah Constable, Alfred Goedeke
Kneeling: Christel Hays, Taryn Wright, Jannai Pero, Lisa High

What is the Program?

The University of California Master Gardener Program has been in existence since 1980. The first training class in Mariposa County was held in 2005. UC Master Gardeners are extensively trained volunteer horticulturists who provide research-based information on sustainable urban horticulture practices in their community. Topics taught during the training include introduction to horticulture, soil and plant nutrition, water and fertilizer management, pest identification and control, management of home orchards and landscape trees, home vegetable gardening, plant diseases and diagnosis, composting, weed identification and management, oak tree care, and native plants.

Find Them

You can find UC Master Gardeners at a variety of events across the county such as the Mariposa Farmer’s Market, the Butterfly Festival, the annual Chi-Tock-Kote-U-Pu- (Pow Wow) and at the Mariposa County Fair. The UC Master Gardeners maintain the Creekside Garden on Stroming Road and answer your gardening questions at the MG Helpline.

In addition, the UC Master Gardeners collaborate with local organizations such as Happy Goat farms in school programs that bring gardening and soil health principles to the younger generation. Listen to local KRYZ radio and catch our Over the Garden Fence program. Don’t forget to mark your calendar for the annual plant sale that happens the last Saturday in April each year.


The UC Master Gardeners goals are to promote Healthier Plants, a Healthier Environment, Healthier Gardens and Gardeners, and a Healthier Community. We are members of the community, just like you, and we want to support your gardening efforts. Please reach out when you see us (we wear Master Gardener Badges). And don’t forget to give our 2024 class of Master Gardeners a hearty welcome!

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