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Image of a painting by Guy Diehl.
'Still Life with Robert Delaunay No. 3' by Guy Diehl

Visit FAM for a Virtual Studio Tour with Guy Diehl

Image of Guy Diehl.

Guy Diehl in his studio


The next live artist studio Zoom tour is Thursday, June 17, at noon.

FAM will bring you to the Tiburon studio of artist Guy Diehl.

San Francisco Bay Area artist, Guy Diehl, had a solo exhibition at the Fresno Art Museum in 2018 entitled Still Life Tradition.

The artist marries the finesse of classical trompe l’oeil (French for “fool the eye”) painting with a 21st-century visual kick. Typically devoid of backgrounds, his hyper-realistic still-life compositions are ultramodern with his choices of sleek forms, geometric lines, and primary colors placed right up at the front of the picture plane enticing us to touch them. The delectable objects Diehl arranges are created to teach us about art history, to delight our visual senses, and to reinforce the idea that paintings can be beautiful as well as meaningful.

FAM will visit the artist in his Tiburon home studio and see a video where he pulls prints and publishes tapestries at Magnolia Editions in Oakland.

Note that this studio tour will be recorded and available to be viewed by non-members of the Museum within a few weeks of the live tour.

Museum members: Click here to register!

Please note that registrations for this studio tour after 5 p.m., Wednesday, June 16, may not be confirmed.

Image of a painting by Guy Diehl.

Still Life with Glass Marbles

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