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Unforgettable: Arte Américas Dia De Muertos Exhibit

FRESNO — For my neighbor and me, October would not be complete without a trip to Arte Américas Casa de Cultura in the mural district to see the annual Dia de Muertos exhibit.

Gracie and I get together on the weekend and have lunch a block away at Toleditos on Van Ness before feasting in the richness of treasures that Artes always delivers.

This time we toasted with Mimosas, as it’s extra-special since Gracie’s multi-talented sister, Aydee Lopez Martinez, is among the artists whose work is featured in the show.

Arte Américas

Gracie with her sister Aydee Lopez Martinez’s work


For the last thirty-one years, Arte Américas has presented annual exhibitions showcasing altars and artwork inspired by the ancient indigenous holiday, El Día de los Muertos — The Day of the Dead. Guests will interact with altars, murals, artwork and larger than life 3D sculptures that are both spellbinding and educational in nature.

This year the tradition continues with a collection of breathtaking works honoring the memories of the deceased. A grouping of grandiose altar-mural-installations is on view in the Ruiz Gallery, and incorporates a multicultural selection of diverse individuals whose lives impacted the San Joaquin Valley community and beyond. — Arte Américas

On view through Sunday, Nov. 4. Special events at Arte Américas in honor of the holiday this week include Art Hop on Thursday, Cala Gala on Friday, and a Block Party on Saturday.

ARTISTS: Rosita Arenas, Cecelia Aranaydo, Kuta Cakes, Steven Camacho, Danny DeMeza, Maureen Duffy, Jose Elías, Jason Esquivel, Chris Janzen, Selina Lopez, Aydee Lopez Martinez, La Rosa, Ruben Sanchez, Andrea Torres, Serena Vargas

ALTARS HONORING: Maya Angelou, Anthony Bourdain, Corky Gonzalez, Stephen Hawking, Armando O. Rodriguez, Phillip Sanchez, FranCisco Vargas, Dick Wolk

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