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Two Escaped Burns Near Coarsegold

Firefighters have responded to two escaped control burns in the last few days, reminding residents to use extreme caution when doing hazard reduction burning.

An escaped burn off River Knowles in the Coarsegold area on Monday grew to about one-quarter acre before firefighters stopped the spread.

Another vegetation fire, caused when a control burn on Spinelli Road got out of control, also charred about a quarter-acre just off Highway 41.

The homeowner had a legal burn permit, and it was a burn day, but Cal Fire Prevention Specialist Karen Guillemin-Kanawyer warns that residents still need to use extreme caution.

“Temperatures are very warm, and yesterday was hot and windy,” says Guillemin-Kanawyer. “The fuels are extremely dry, and in this case, there was leftover dead grass around the burn pile from last year.”

Even though it may be a legal burn day, homeowners are cautioned to follow the instructions on the burn permit, which states that the “permittee must not burn during hot or dry periods when winds are strong enough that burning would be considered unsafe.”

The fire must also be attended at all times by at least one responsible person, and confined within cleared firebreaks or barriers adequate to prevent it from escaping.

The permit also warns that the permittee is not relieved of the responsibility of using reasonable and prudent care to prevent damage or injury, and if a fire does escape, the person will be held liable for suppression costs and/or penalties.

Burn permits are available at your local fire station, and residents must call 1-877-429-2876 to find out if it is a burn day in their area before doing any hazard reduction or prescribed burning.

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