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Three Arrested For Theft Of Property On Detwiler Fire

MARIPOSA COUNTY — Three people are behind bars after being arrested for stealing equipment while trespassing on closed areas of the Detwiler Fire.

On Sunday, July 23, at about 9 p.m., mutual aid law enforcement partnering with the Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office to provide enhanced security relating to the Detwiler Fire, contacted three suspects during their active security patrols in the Yaqui Gulch area after the Evacuation Orders were lifted.

Law enforcement officers contacted Holly Patrick, 38, of Waterford; Trevor Holbrook, 26, of Waterford; and John Johnson, 40, of Modesto.

The trio were driving in the recently re-populated area, where only residents were permitted when they were contacted. Officers located firefighting equipment inside of their vehicle. The equipment appeared to have been stolen from the Detwiler Fire operation and consisted of a generator, first aid kit, power tools, and multiple other miscellaneous items.

Officers also located needles and a methamphetamine pipe.

The three were arrested and booked into the Mariposa County Jail on charges of, theft of property, PC485 and receiving stolen property, PC496.

Numerous law enforcement agencies are supporting the Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office by enhancing security and enforcement in the fire area and County overall.

“We are working with the local District Attorney’s Office to ensure that all thieves are prosecuted to the fullest,” says Sheriff Doug Binnewies.

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