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Image of "No One Came Here to Hide //207" by Margaret Scott.
From now until April 30, you can view award-winning artwork from world-class women artists, such as "No One Came Here to Hide //207" by Margaret Scott (seen above). Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime event!

Third Annual Women’s Art Show – Visions of Self 2023

OAKHURST — Debuting annually for Women’s History Month in March, Yosemite Sierra Artists announces the launch of the third annual Visions of Self international art show for female artists. The show began as a local endeavor in a small town near Yosemite National Park. But as founders Wendy Denton and Jennifer Moss opened up the call internationally for the online show, they received hundreds of entries from women all over the world.

Visions of Self 2023 can be enjoyed at mettagallery.com.

Image of the Yosemite Sierra Artists logo.Date & Times: Now until April 30, 2023.

“This started as just an idea, as my co-founder Jennifer and I were discussing the underrepresentation of women in art,” states co-founder Wendy Denton. “After the incredible success and reach of our debut show in 2021, we have recreated the movement each year. And each year, it gets better and better.”

Image of "Self Care"by Sofia Angelini.

“Self Care” by Sofia Angelini.

Visions of Self struck a chord with female artists across the world and gave them an outlet to express what they were experiencing in the post-pandemic, rights-regressed world. The show’s theme is simple: self-portraiture, self-expression, emotions, and/or environment. It features both the internal and external landscapes of women’s lives.

Image of the Metta Gallery logo. 2023 Best of Show ribbon has been awarded to Ukrainian artist Tetiana Molchanova, with her piece, “Phoenix,” depicting her extreme despair during the ongoing war.

Other winners include UK artist Margaret Scott with a self-portrait in fiber art; Sophia Moreau, with an image depicting her journey with gender fluidity, Johanna Torbenson, with a statement on women and social media; and Canadian artist Katrina Thibodeu in which she is painting her mouth symbolizing that she will use her art as her voice in the art industry.

“Phoenix” by Tetiana Molchanova.

The 2023 show includes a total of 100 pieces by 82 artists from 8 countries, with prominent themes covering identity, mental health, and the environment. A Vision Statement accompanies each piece by the artist.

Visions of Self 2023 can be enjoyed at mettagallery.com.

Image of "Mother's Nature," by Karen Jones.

“Mother’s Nature” by Karen Jones.

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Image of "Floating Above It All,"by Jane Zich.

“Floating Above It All” by Jane Zich.

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