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The History Mystery #51

E Clampus Vitus Grub Gulch 41-49 has been researching the Yosemite Stage Route and the stage stop west of Blackhawk Lodge. This route left Madera, stopped at the Adobe Ranch, then Bates Station, went north and cut westward to the Zebra area.

At the end of Longhollow Court in Yosemite Lakes Park is the supposed site of a stage stop, complete with the requisite Palm tree. This has been identified in early accounts as Greens Ranch, Zebra Station, Wards Place and later Daulton Springs. One can still see the faint outline of the old route heading North West as it leaves the site.

These early accounts say the route went from Daulton Springs to the “Peach Orchard” and then up another 12 miles to Coarsegold. This exact route has not been identified. Did it follow what is now Road 415 to Coarsegold?

Similar accounts say the route went northwest from Daulton Springs to where the old Polk School was eventually built at the intersection of Roads 400 and 415.
ECV believes the Peach Orchard and Polk School area may be one of the same.

We would appreciate any help in verifying and identifying the following:

1) Is the Peach Orchard and Polk School area the same location?
2) 2) What was the route from Daulton Springs/Wards Place, Etc. across Yosemite Lakes Park to the Peach Orchard?
3) What was the route from the Peach Orchard up to Coarsegold? Did it follow what is now Road 415?

Follow-Up on The History Mystery #50

Raymond Museum’s History Mystery was fun this month. The items we asked to be identified created a wide variety of responses! From toilet paper holder to hat holder and everything in between, we enjoyed reading folks thoughts.

We decided that the “Hat Holder” comment was such a viable explanation, especially after you placed the green metal item on the edge of a table. It makes sense that the string and small ball could be used to bend the hat down into a reachable position. The round holder at the top is small so maybe it was used for ladies or children’s hats.

Many people thought it might be used for ironing or sewing but we couldn’t figure out how.

The other wooden items remain a mystery. Definitely homemade, we just haven’t thought of a clear answer.

All the items will be at the Raymond Museum so we hope everyone can come by when they are in our area and offer some thoughts in person. Don’t forget our annual Raymond Parade is Saturday, Apr. 15, at high noon, so come on out and visit the Museum, eat and watch all the fun as the parade passes by.

Thanks again to everyone who commented! We loved all your thoughts!

Lynn Northrop

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