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The Golden Chain Theatre Company

goldenchainIn 1965 a group of community members decided that Oakhurst needed something to get the tourists driving through town on their way to Yosemite National Park a reason to stop (and spend money) in our Mountain Village. With the help of the current Chamber of Commerce, the “Golden Chain Theatre” was born.


Performances were held at the Oakhurst Community Center, and the theme was – 19th Century Historical theatre, and MELODRAMA. The community took immediate pride in the newly-formed troupe, and soon, it was obvious the players were outgrowing their space, and were ready for the next step — they needed their own building.

In 1972, the founding board members took a big chance — each put their own houses up as collateral to purchase the Snowline Bowling Alley, and convert it into a theatre. With unparalleled vision, this dedicated group re-vamped the old bowling alley, converted the lanes to an auditorium, “downdated” the Saloon, installed a few gift shops, and opened the doors.Thank you to our founding members and visionaries!

In 1999, the Board of directors announced at the annual Awards Night Banquet that the final payment on the mortgage had been made — the Golden Chain Theatre now owned it’s facility outright. It’s 2012 and we continue to grow, develop and improve.

The year 2001 brought Miss Patti Law, our Choreographer in house, and opened the Golden Chain Theatre School of Performing Arts. The Lobby and Auditorium were given a new look, and a brand new parking lot was installed for patrons, *and* the cast and crew.

All income for the theatre is currently derived from ticket sales and private donations. We are currently investigating government and private funding grants to supplement our resources.

We are dedicated to providing 19th century historic and melodramatic presentations and instruction in theatre arts to our local community, and the world. Your help, and sponsorship are important.

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