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Storm Watch January 9th, 2023

MOUNTAIN COMMUNITIES–Check below for weather alerts, road conditions including traffic collisions, closures and hazards, school closures, power outages and other emergencies as they happen.

We will continue to update this article throughout the storm – stay safe!


School Closure

North Fork school is canceled tomorrow due to weather and road conditions.


Mariposa County

All shelter in place orders have been lifted in Mariposa County. Please continue to stay indoors and off the roadways as much as possible. Roadways are still being impacted and conditions can change at any moment. Many areas are still currently flooded or have damage or debris on the roadways. DO NOT attempt to cross any moving or standing water. Turn around Don’t Drown.

Storm Shelter -closed for the night


School Closure

1/09/23 – (This message is for tomorrow!) This is Robert Dias, MOT Director for Bass Lake School District informing you that on Tuesday, January 10th, school will be cancelled for OES, OCI, Wasuma, and Fresno Flats due to severe weather and road conditions.

School Closure

Due to severe weather and road conditions all Yosemite Unified School District (YUSD) Campuses (YHS, EdOpts, CES, RES, District Office) will be closed Tuesday, January 10, 2023


Evacuation Update

The Evacuation Order for MDC-E047A, Sierra Springs Village at 39737 Road 274, Bass Lake, has been reduced to a Warning. Residents are allowed to return to their homes. Residents still need to be prepared to leave in case flood waters rise again with the storm. The Sheriff’s Office recommends residents check their homes for damages and if they need assistance to call the Sheriff’s Office at 559-675-7770. Deputies will be on site overnight if assistance is needed. PG&E has restored power to the area as well. For current evacuation status and road closures in Madera County, go to aware.zonehaven.com for an interactive map.



Type: Traffic Hazard

Location: Rusty Ln / Sierra Lakes Dr

Loc Desc: NEAR 51057 RUSTY Lat/Lon: 37.305358 -119.612344

A tree is down across the road and a power pole is leaning towards the road. PG&E has been notified.

North Fork

Type: Traffic Hazard

Location: Road 200 / Sr41

Loc Desc: BTWN N FORK Lat/Lon: 37.124432 -119.737004 

Mud coming into the road.



Type: Trfc Collision-No Inj

Location: Sr49 / Usona Rd

Loc Desc: NB JNO Lat/Lon: 37.452137 -119.822287

A single vehicle has collided with the embankment. No injuries are being reported and no lane blockage either.


North Fork

Type: Traffic Hazard

Location: Road 200 / House Ranch Rd

Loc Desc: Lat/Lon: 37.166832 -119.639612

A vehicle is in the road with a blown out tire.


Mariposa County offices will be CLOSED tomorrow, Tuesday, January 10th, 2023 due to the winter storm. In addition, the Board of Supervisors meeting has been cancelled.









Yosemite National Park

Yosemite Alert!

Wawona Rd (Hwy 41) closed from Wawona to Yosemite West overnight. Wawona access via South Entrance. Yosemite West access via Yosemite Valley.

North Fork

1/9/23 4:15pm- FULL CLOSURE OF ROAD 200

*Residents will need to use alternate routes*

***UPDATED 5:00pm ***

Road 200 is open again to traffic.


North Fork

Type: Trfc Collision-1141 Enrt

Location: Road 200 / Fine Gold Creek

Loc Desc: FINE GOLD CREEK/ROAD 200 Lat/Lon: 37.178758 -119.629663

A vehicle has gone into the creek. Sheriff’s officers are on scene. Search and Rescue teams are enroute.

***UPDATED ***

Vehicle is unoccupied



Incident: 00342

Type: Mud/Dirt/Rock

Location: Sr41 / Broken Bit

Loc Desc: 35815 SR41 IFO Lat/Lon: 37.270456 -119.671248 


Bass Lake

Type: Traffic Hazard

Location: Road 274 / Beasore Rd

Loc Desc: NEAR PINES RESORT Lat/Lon: 37.324146 -119.554236

Roadway flooded

Yosemite Alert!

Travel on park roads not advised due to flooding and potential debris flows/rock falls. Call 209/372-0200 (then 1, 1) for current road status.


Mariposa County Unified School District

Good Morning MCUSD staff and families,

Today, Monday, January 9, 2023 and due to continued weather conditions, ALL MCUSD sites will be released at 12:30pm with the buses running accordingly. We are working with our Mariposa County Partners to determine possible road closures and will supervise students at our sites until we are unable to get them home. We are aware that parents are already showing up at sites to pick up students, if you are able to do so safely, thank you, if you have another person who will be picking up your child who is not on your list of emergency contacts, please call your school site to update this information. Again, buses will be running. As this is an emergency closure there will be no after school programs today.

If you are traveling, please use extreme caution.


Due to the extreme weather and flooding conditions, SFCS will be releasing students at 12:30pm today, though parents/guardians are encouraged to pick up student(s) anytime before then.

Please email office@sierrafoothillcharterschool.org or call the school office at 209-742-6222 if you need assistance. Students who are not able to ride the bus or be picked up at school by 12:30pm will be supervised in the multipurpose room.


Mariposa County

Incident: 00265

Type: Roadway Flooding

Location: Yaqui Gulch Rd / Live Oak Rd

Loc Desc: Lat/Lon: 37.456452 -120.003904


Type: Roadway Flooding

Location: Buckeye Rd / Old Hwy

Loc Desc: Lat/Lon: 37.439502 -119.996163


Type: Roadway Flooding

Location: Ben Hur Rd / Silver Bar Rd

Loc Desc: Lat/Lon: 37.439054 -119.941728

Serpa Canyon

Type: Mud/Dirt/Rock

Location: SR41 / Serpa Canyon Rd

Loc Desc: SB JNO Lat/Lon: 37.281158 -119.668311 

Southbound Lane

North Fork

Incident: 00255

Type: Mud/Dirt/Rock

Location: 38726 – 38939 Road 222

Loc Desc: Lat/Lon: 37.340775 -119.586851


Incident: 00249

Type: Mud/Dirt/Rock

Location: Road 600 / Road 619

Loc Desc: BTWN ROAD 810 Lat/Lon: 37.351179 -119.744230


Evacuation Order for BASS LAKE RV RESORT 39744 ROAD 274


Monday, January 9, 2023 1:28 PM CST

An Evacuation Order has been issued for BASS LAKE RV RESORT 39744 ROAD 274 due to FLOODING. There is an immediate threat to life. This is an evacuation order to leave now. The area is being closed to public access. Take action immediately. If you’re in need of evacuation assistance, call 9 1 1. An evacuation shelter is to be determined.


North Fork/Bass Lake

Flash Flood Warning including Bass Lake CA until 2:00 PM PST

Emergency Alert

National Weather Service: A FLASH FLOOD WARNING is in effect for this area until 2:00 PM PST. This is a dangerous and life-threatening situation.

Do not attempt to travel unless you are fleeing an area subject to flooding or under an evacuation order.



Incident: 00226

Type: Mud/Dirt/Rock

Location: Sr41 / Road 425c

Loc Desc: SB JNO Lat/Lon: 37.298032 -119.648812 



Incident: 00228

Type: Roadway Flooding

Location: Sr140 / Chase Ranch

Loc Desc: SR140 / CHASE RANCH Lat/Lon: 37.344948 -120.214133 


Rocky Cut Area

Type: Trfc Collision-Unkn Inj

Location: Sr41 / Rocky Cut

Loc Desc: SR41 / ROCKY CUT Lat/Lon: 37.076069 -119.761513

There is a traffic collision being reported involving two vehicles. Injuries are unknown at this time. Both lanes of Hwy 41 are currently blocked.


Type: Roadway Flooding

Location: Yosemite Oaks Dr / Sr140

Loc Desc: JNO Lat/Lon: 37.523058 -119.925079




A shelter in place order has been issued for the following areas in Mariposa County due to flood waters and debris.

Carter Rd

Jerserydale Rd from Wild Dove Rd to Hites Cove Rd

Anton Rd

Please stay indoors and do not attempt to cross any standing or moving water. If you have an emergency, please dial 911, the Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office and Search and Rescue teams are standing by.

Further directions will be sent as conditions change.




Type: Traffic Hazard

Location: Sr140 / Indian Gulch Rd

Loc Desc: WB JWO Lat/Lon: 37.408252 -120.126489



Badger Pass Ski Area – Operational Update Monday, 1/9/23

Badger Pass Ski Area will be CLOSED today due to weather. We’ll keep you posted on how things are looking tomorrow. Stay safe out there!


Type: Mud/Dirt/Rock

Location: Sr41 / Road 425b

Loc Desc: SB 41AT 425 B Lat/Lon: 37.300483 -119.648887 


Mariposa County

Type: Mud/Dirt/Rock

Location: Sr140 / Ferguson Slide Bridge

Loc Desc: Lat/Lon: 37.604955 -119.966057

Rocks in the roadway.



Type: Mud/Dirt/Rock

Location: Sr140 / Old Hwy

Loc Desc: Lat/Lon: 37.405569 -120.128831


Type: Traffic Hazard

Location: Sr140 / Martin Rd

Loc Desc: Lat/Lon: 37.478059 -119.976518



A Winter Storm Warning is in effect for the Sierra Nevada above 6,000 feet from 1 AM PST Saturday night until 4 AM PST early Wednesday morning. The majority of snow will fall Monday and Monday night. Winds will gust as high as 50 mph on exposed ridgetops and near the crest. Travel will be extremely difficult or impossible. If you plan to travel, consider alternate strategies. If you must travel, remember to carry tire chains, plenty of food, a good deal of water, warm clothing, and a flashlight in your vehicle.


A Flood Watch is in effect for most of Central California from late Saturday night through Tuesday night. Creeks and streams are running high and could flood during prolonged periods of heavy rainfall, especially Monday and Monday night. Flooding may take place in poor drainage and urban areas.


Yosemite Lakes Park

Type: Trfc Collision-Unkn Inj

Location: Sr41 / Yosemite Springs Pkwy

Loc Desc: SB JSO 1/2 MI Lat/Lon: 37.155143 -119.731660 

Solo vehicle off the road. Tow truck enroute.



Type: Traffic Hazard

Location: Sr140 / Trower Rd

Loc Desc: 140 ON GUADALUPE MOUNTAIN Lat/Lon: 37.452430 -120.071829

Tree partway blocking the eastbound lane.


A strong storm system will impact Central California today through Tuesday night. High confidence exists that environmental conditions will become favorable for heavy rainfall, resulting in flash flooding in the Sierra Nevada below the snow line and Sierra Nevada foothills today. Pay close attention to the weather and be ready to move to higher ground quickly.


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