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Image of Madera County Board of Supervisors
Madera County Board of Supervisors. Photo Courtesy of MaderaCounty.com

State Of Emergency Proclaimed For Madera County

MADERA COUNTYMadera County Board of Supervisors held a special meeting today to discuss the imminent closure of the Madera Community Hospital.

After hearing testimony from the state, federal, and local leaders, as well as comments from the community, the Board gave direction to staff on the following:

1. Review counties in California that have formed hospital districts and examine the methodology used.
2. Request and review Madera Community Hospital financials in preparation for short and long-term planning to ensure the forming of a hospital district is viable.
3. Work with local, state, and federal agencies on possible short-term funding for maintaining vital hospital functions such as emergency medical treatment.
4. Work with state and local leaders to create a steering committee to assist with Madera Community Hospital.
5. Work with state partners to enact legislative changes.
6. Work with the Office of Emergency Services regarding the possible proclamation of a local emergency pertaining to the Madera Community Hospital closure.

The Madera County Board of Supervisors is scheduled to hear an update from the staff at the next board meeting slated for Tuesday, January 3, 2023.

In addition to the Board of Supervisors special meeting, Sheriff Tyson Pogue proclaimed a local emergency for Madera County due to the significant impact of the closure of Madera Community Hospital.

The closure of emergency services at Madera Community Hospital will occur on or about midnight Friday, December 30, 2022.

The lack of hospital services in Madera County is expected to strain local resources deployed within Madera County, thereby depleting ambulance and response resources such as Law Enforcement and Fire. By proclaiming a local state of emergency, we are formally requesting help from state and federal officials.

Image of Sheriff Tyson Pogue.

Madera County Sheriff-Coroner Tyson Pogue.

We continue to closely monitor this evolving situation. The closure of Madera Community Hospital will have widespread effects on our community as a whole. This proclamation will request needed resources to support our efforts to continue providing the same high level of service and safety to our citizens in Madera County. – – Sheriff Pogue

The Emergency Room at MCH will be closed, and no medical staff will be on site.

If you have a medical emergency, please call 911 and allow first responders to help you.

If you wish to transport yourself to the hospital, see below for the nearest hospitals with open Emergency Rooms.

Community Regional Medical Center – 2823 Fresno Street, Fresno, CA 93721 – (559) 459-6000
Saint Agnes Medical Center – 1303 East Herndon Avenue, Fresno, CA 93720 – (559) 450-3000
Kaiser Permanente – Fresno – 7300 North Fresno Street, Fresno, CA 93720 – (559) 448-4500
Clovis Community Medical Center – 2755 Herndon Avenue, Clovis, CA 93611 – (559) 324-4000
John C. Fremont Hospital – 5189 Hospital Road, Mariposa, CA 95338 – (209) 966-3631

Again, if you are having an emergency, call 911.

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