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Squirrel Cage Theatre Presents “Seven Brides For Dracula”

Dracula (David Novell) and Miss Lucy (Cassidy Jones)

NORTH FORK — This year’s Fall Follies will be a hilarious musical adaptation of the classic horror story transformed into a spoof titled “Seven Brides for Dracula.”

The Squirrel Cage Theatre Co. first performed this popular comedy in 1985, and they are excited to bring it to the stage once again.

Dracula takes up residence close to a sanitarium “For the Disturbed” with vampire hunter Van Helsing in hot pursuit. There’s a howling wolfman, poisoned chocolates and nonstop action. 

“Transylvania Trance” and “Canine Candy Freak” are just a few of the songs that perfectly set the mood.

In the first half of the show, Sugar Pine will entertain with some spooky renditions, followed by talented singer and guitarist Paul Vind, and local musicians Amy Duke and John Kilburn.

Nurse Hearse (Brenda Flory) with Renfield (Al Flory)

Robyn Flory will be directing the show, as David Novell reprises his role as Dracula.

Locals might remember Fred Gott’s portrayal of Renfield, Dracula’s minion. Al Flory is taking on the role this time around.

Other cast members include Robyn Flory as the Countess, Donica Early as Mrs. Half-Nelson – a “guest” at the sanatorium, Karen McAleece and Gail Sims as the Odd Sisters, and Cassidy Jones as Miss Lucy – a victim of the vampire.

Justin Tally portrays Lucy’s fiance Jonathan, with Josh Flory as Dr. Seward, Brenda Flory as Miss Hearse the nurse, Jeff Gurule as Dr. Van Helsing the famous vampire hunter, Elva Gurule as Lily the young maid, and Mason Hough as the Wolf-Creature.

Nancy Fikkert will be accompanying the cast on the piano.

Odd Sisters (Karen McAleece and Gail Sims) and Mrs. Half-Nelson (Donica Earley)

The show will run over two weekends – Friday and Saturday, Oct. 27 and 28, and Nov. 3 and 4, at the North Fork Town Hall.

Dinner will be served at 6 p.m., and the show starts at 7 p.m.

Tickets are first come, first serve at the door, and reservations can be made for parties of 10 or more only. The price for dinner and the show is $15 for adults, seniors (65 & up) are $12, children (12 & under) are $10, and the immediate family is just $45.

The dinner menu for first weekend is chili, salad and cornbread, and the second weekend will be chicken, baked potato, salad and roll.

The North Fork Boosters will be hosting the bar.

More information: Sue and David Novell 559-877-2129.

Squirrel Cage Theatre on Facebook

Van Helsing (Jeff Gurule) and Dr. Seward (Josh Flory)

The Odd Sisters (Karen McAleece and Gail Sims)

Mrs. Half-Nelson (Donica Early)

Dr. Seward and Nurse Hearse (Josh Flory and Brenda Flory)

Jonathan (Justin Tally) and Miss Lucy (Cassidy Jones)

Dracula (David Novell) and Renfield (Al Flory)

Countess (Robyn Flory) and Dracula (David Novell)


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