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This photo depcits two men standing s8ide by side in business casual clothing
L to R, Leroy Coffman and Chris Moran

Solar Negotiators Mountain Resiliency Program

MOUNTAIN COMMUNITIES — In recent months some of you may have begun to notice increased involvement in our local area by a business that is, in reality, already far more embedded in our local community than it might appear to be at first glance. That company is Solar Negotiators DBA Solar Maintenance Pros, and owner/C.E.O, Chris Moran, and President Leroy Coffman just might be your neighbor. 

Both Mr. Moran and Mr. Coffman live in North Fork and are very pleased to have the privilege to give back to their neighbors and the local community at large.

Inspired by what they saw in our community’s strength and determination to bounce back from the damage caused by recent years’ highly destructive and locally impactful forest fires, they decided to create the Mountain Community Resiliency Program. The goal of this program is to benefit rural and mountain homeowners by providing essential services in partnership with local businesses giving several direct benefits.

First, the partnership provides an opportunity for smaller local businesses that have been serving our community for years by helping them to supply their customers with new financing opportunities that were previously unavailable to them before. Whether it’s residential well drilling, Fire Wise fuel load reduction, fencing, or more general home improvements like kitchen remodels and landscaping…local businesses who have partnered with Solar Negotiators can now offer attractive rates and lending options to customers who they previously may not have been able to serve to high upfront costs typically associated with such large scale projects.

Image of cabin depicting mountain resiliency

Second, this local partnership process keeps local dollars in local businesses, giving our community an increased opportunity to invest in ourselves. Large service providers are great, but “shopping local” means that every dollar spent is a dollar saved and returned to our local economy, driving and accelerating an increased quality of life for members of our mountain communities. 

Lastly, Solar Negotiators has chosen to give back directly, using the Mountain Community Resiliency Program as a vehicle to sponsor multiple local organizations such as the Golden Chain Theatre, the Oakhurst Fall Festival, as well as Sierra High’s football program in Tollhouse.

So, if you or someone you know is interested in using any of the services offered by the Mountain Community Resiliency Program, or if you’re a business owner who would like to discuss partnering with Solar Negotiators to further serve our community, then simply click the link here or call Solar Negotiators at (559) 447-1557 to schedule a no-cost consultation or discuss partnering with your lifetime energy partner.

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