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Site Chosen For New Community College In Oakhurst

OAKHURST — At its Mar. 6 Board of Trustees meeting, the State Center Community College District (SCCCD) Board approved the purchase of 30.20 acres of property located on the west side of Westlake Drive, north of Highway 49 in Oakhurst, for the purchase price of $1,822,500.

Pending a successful close of escrow, this will be the new site of the Oakhurst Community College Center.

In 2017, the District, Reedley College and Oakhurst Community College Center began a staff, faculty and community outreach effort to communicate the opportunities of a new campus through Measure C facilities bond funds. The outreach efforts provided input into campus, community, and site needs, while releasing a Request for Proposals for land within the Oakhurst community.

Several properties were submitted to the District for consideration. Through a site selection process workgroup, which included an environmental land consultant, bond consultant and district and campus staff, four properties were identified as the top preferred viable options.

Upon further investigation and community outreach, the Oakhurst Westlake property was recommended to the Board as the District’s top choice requesting negotiation parameters at the January 2018 Board meeting.

The property includes two main adjoining parcels equaling 30.20 net acres plus a small “outlet” property donated by the seller for use by SCCCD to place campus signage. A small pond is located east of Westlake Drive. The negotiated property overlooks the pond.

On Friday, Mar 9, the SCCCD will provide an update on the commitment that State Center Community College District has to fulfilling its Measure C promise of building a permanent building for the Oakhurst Community College Center which is currently housed in portable buildings. A building timeline will also be provided.

Supervisor Tom Wheeler, Property Manager Russ Shaw, SCCCD Chancellor Paul Parnell, SCCCD Board President Bobby Kahn, and Reedley College President Dr. Sandra Caldwell will be speaking during Friday’s press conference.

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