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Prescribed burning is an efficient and effective way to mitigate the risk of large wildfires by decreasing excessive fuel build-up which reduces fire intensity and protects infrastructure and natural resources.

Red Fire Burns in Yosemite’s High Country

YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK–The Red Fire was reported on August 4th, 2022. The fire is burning in Yosemite’s high country between Red Creek and Illilouette Creek at approximately the 7,800-foot elevation. The fire was caused by lightning from thunderstorms in the area.


Red Fire Location Map


The Red Fire when originally discovered. Picture courtesy of Yosemite Fire and Aviation

August 4th

Yosemite Fire and Aviation reported a new fire burning between Red Creek and Illilouette Creek. Yosemite’s Helicopter-551 confirmed the lightning-caused Red fire is about 1/4 acre, burning at approx 7,800 ft elevation, with no current threat to trails. Thunderstorms are common in the Sierra Nevada and each year lightning strikes result in wildfires-some of which are managed for the benefit of natural and cultural resources.

The Red Fire 8.10.2022

August 10th

Yosemite fire crews estimated the Red fire to be 2 acres and are monitoring fire activity. The Red Fire was discovered on August 4 at approximately 7,800-foot elevation in the wilderness and is a lightning-caused fire.

August 12th

At approximately 2:00 in the afternoon, reports started coming in that there was a new fire visible from various areas including Oakhurst in Madera County and Greeley Hill in Mariposa County. The fire was also being seen on several of the Alert Wildfire webcams including the Deadwood camera. Upon further investigation, it was determined the fire was the Red Fire and that it had grown to almost 170 acres throughout the afternoon. The size was established by a flight from  The Fire Integrated Real-time Intelligence System (FIRIS) mapping airplane. A video of the fire from the airplane is available here.

The Red Fire as seen from the Deadwood Wildfire Alert webcam on Friday, 8.12.2022, afternoon.

August 13th

The Red Fire has grown to 167 acres and was active yesterday while burning through pockets of fuels from the 2001 Hoover fire (fuels being anything that can burn- leaves, twigs, grasses, trees). Fire behavior has diminished today as the fire moved into different fuel (red fir timber stand).
NPS photo showing flames from the lightning caused Red fire.

NPS photo showing flames from the lightning caused Red fire.

Yosemite Fire officials have stated that the fire is being monitored and updates can be found on their Yosemite Fire Information and Updates webpage.

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