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Update on Junction Fire in Oakhurst

OAKHURST – UPDATE 5:25 p.m. – The following MANDATORY EVACUATION NOTICE has been issued for the residents in the area of Road 222 and Highway 41, the fire is coming in your direction.

Please evacuate to the Oakhurst Community Center using the following route. East on Road 222 to Road 426 use Road 426 into the Oakhurst Area.

The Junction Fire is threatening Suburban Propane and the fire has gotten into the building. Firefighters are doing a direct attack on the Suburban Propane building to keep the fire from reaching 30,000 gallon propane tanks. It has started up the side of the mountain on the east side of Oakhrust. Residents reporting at least 4 explosions heard from the area.

Due to the Junction Fire, BOTH sides of Highway 41 from the Mountain House at the Bass Lake turnoff/Road 222 all the way south to Road 426 at the Talking Bear is being evacuated, including businesses and homes.

The wind has shifted east and the fire is making a hard push down the hill toward Highway 41.

Authorities are anticipating the fire may spot across 41. If that happens, they will evacuate the east side of 41.

It is extremely important that people do not come out to view or photograph the fire. Fire engines and other responders need clear access.

Said to be burning at a dangerous rate of speed, the Junction Fire is currently reported as over 100 acres. Residents on 425A and those in the area of Hodges Hill were already being evacuated.

At least one home on 425A has burned, according to nearby residents who are under evacuation orders for Road 425A, which is now closed.

All after school activities in the area have been cancelled for today and YHS students were sent home at the end of the school day.

No fires are currently burning at Bass Lake or Indian Lakes, and engines are returning from those scenes.

Updates will continue as available.


  1. Hoping you get them put out ASAP!!!!

  2. Where are the planes???

  3. Dear Kellie, I have a cabin at Bass and am reading this as current info as you report it. I’m down by the Rose Bowl. Keep your readership informed as I am for sure. I’m hitting refresh every 5 minutes now deciding if I should go up or not. I’m 4.5 hours away so a lot can happen as you know.

    Thank you so much!

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