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Prescribed Burn On Source Kinsman Project

Submitted by Burt Stalter, Bass Lake Ranger District Battalion Chief

NORTH FORK – The Sierra National Forest Bass Lake Ranger District will be igniting a prescribed burn on the Source Kinsman Fuels Project starting on Monday, Apr. 14 with a test burn, and continuing with the remainder of the burn unit on Tuesday or Wednesday depending on weather conditions.

This burn will only be one day in duration and will be in patrol and mop up through the remainder of the week.

Before the last burn on Kinsman Flat Spring 1979 - photo courtesy Burt StalterThe unit covers 25 acres in total and is composed of dozer-crushed 30-year-old chaparral fuels. It will be staffed with engines and crews from the Sierra National Forest.

The current conditions (grass green up and increasing live fuel moistures in surrounding brush fields) are very conducive to this type of burning to safely accomplish the objectives with minimal risk of escape.

The objectives for this burn are to improve wildlife habitat for deer and wild turkey and reduce fuel hazards around the Kinsman Flat area. This area provides forage and hiding cover and is key winter deer range for the San Joaquin River Deer herd.

Last Burn on Kinsman Spring 1979 - photo courtesy Burt StalterThis will also improve vehicle access and provide a safety zone for firefighting resources for any future wildfires that start in this area. This area has been treated with these types of burns in the 1950s and again in the late 1970s during the same types of conditions and this project was planned using the documented experience gained from these past burns.

Please call 877-2218 ext 3208 if there are any questions. (click map to enlarge)Source Kinsman Prescribed Burn Project Vicinity Map April 2014 - US Forest Service

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