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Oakhurst Loses Its Theater – Met Cinema Closed

OAKHURST – We are all shocked and saddened to learn that the Met Cinema has closed.

Ray and Irma Martinez, have posted on facebook and on their website that they have had to close their doors as of November 1st.“With heavy hearts we regretfully inform you that we are no longer open for business,” says their website.

They shared with one of our staff that they just weren’t making it financially, and they could only keep going for so long before it just wasn’t feasible anymore.

This is such sad news,” says an S|N|O facebook fan. “It’s devastating for the Martinezes and sad for the employees. Terrible for our community, too.”

Ray and Irma invite anyone with a year pass or a gift certificate to contact them at, and leave your information. They will get back to you soon for a refund, but ask you to bear with them as they are, of course, dealing with many other issues.

“We want to thank our loyal customers,” says their phone message. “It has been an extreme pleasure serving you.”


  1. Just another example of the greedy studios squeezing out the little guy. Soon most mom & pop theaters will be out of business.

  2. Thanks, Gina for the email re The Met. It’s a great way to remind me to open up Sierra News Online…j

  3. that is really too bad. Netflix and online services are also squeezing cinemas.

  4. It sucks, but you guys also have to remember they would not show some very very popular films in the theater. I haven’t lived there since I graduated in ’06 but I remember having to go to Fresno to see a lot of the more adult movies. Because they only had like 3 screening rooms available at any time, they had to drop very popular movies so they could have a movie to appeal to each agegroup. Additionally, they wouldn’t show some of the more vulgar films, even if they were very popular, because they were opposed to them, so there’s that too

    I’m certain someone will buy it up and try to spin it around soon.

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