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North Fork Boosters Take New Role for Scholarship Program

NORTH FORK–North Fork Boosters Inc. and North Fork Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary have announced that they have reached an agreement to transfer operations of the Frank Verduzco Memorial Scholarship from the Auxiliary to the Boosters. This transfer is occurring at the request of the Verduzco family. It will better align the Scholarship operations with the strategic interests of both organizations.

The Scholarship was established by the Auxiliary in 2016 in memory and honor of the life of Frank Verduzco. Frank was a local resident and volunteer firefighter in North Fork. From the time he was 21 years old until his death in 2015 — a total of 43 years. The Scholarship Program, which the Boosters will now manage, awards academic collegiate scholarships to area high school graduates. They must be pursuing a career in fire, medical, or emergency services.

“We are pleased to have participated in the administration of the scholarship program for the last decade, recognizing Frank’s community contributions and supporting students who elect to follow his footsteps,” notes Auxiliary President Rick Hamilton.

He continues, “This transfer will allow the Scholarship to continue under the Booster’s management as the Auxiliary continues to expand its focus on ensuring high quality emergency services to our coverage area in Eastern Madera County.”

“North Fork Boosters is honored to take over the Frank Verduzco Scholarship Fund for the Auxiliary and the Verduzco Family,” said Cathey Thornburg, Boosters President. “We will continue to honor Frank.”

Frank Verduzco

For more information, visit:
North Fork Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary North Fork Boosters, Inc. 

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