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New Nelder Grove Online Information

We have a very special grove of Giant Sequoias close to Oakhurst called Nelder Grove, and a new and much improved website is now up and running. You can access the website at http://www.neldergrove.org. You can also download the interpretive guide with an easy click of the mouse, along with maps, trails, and other interesting wildlife, plant and historical information about this Grove.

The pamphlet covers the diverse people and uses of this area, that ranging from the Native Americans, to the mining and logging that occurred in the 1800s. Interpretive markers are located along the trials and this guide gives the detail for each of these markers so you can take your own self-guided tour.

Here are just some of the interesting facts about Nelder Grove that you will find in the pamphlet:

  • Did know that the grove consists of approximately 1,540 acres in the Sierra National Forest? Currently there are about 100 mature sequoias mixed in a forest of pine, fir and cedar.
  • Nelder Grove was first named Fresno Grove of Big Trees because it was in Fresno County. The Grove was first surveyed in 1874 by the General Land Office. It was not until 1937 that the name Nelder Grove appeared on Sierra National Forest maps.

Nelder Grove Directions:

Nelder Grove mapFrom the south exit of Yosemite National Park: Drive south 12 miles and make a left turn onto Road 632 (Sky Ranch Road).

Coming from Oakhurst: Drive about 4 miles on Highway 41, north of Oakhurst, CA, and make a right turn onto Road 632 (Sky Ranch Road). Drive for 7 miles. Turn left on dirt road 6S47Y, and drive about 1 mile. At the fork, turn left for Shadow of the Giants trail, 1 mile. Turn right for campground and other trails. Then turn left at 5S19. The campground/trails are about 1 mile from the fork.

Nelder Grove Website: http://www.neldergrove.org/

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  1. Thanks for the info. Just a suggestion, maybe add Calvin Crest Rd to your map?

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